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Links and Friends


Prophecy 2016 – Politics is Not the Answer Michael Bresciani, January 14, 2016


It Wasn’t God’s Voice I Heard – It Was Yours by Rev Michael Bresciani, October 4, 2012


Lawless Government – The Great Non-Sequitur of the Last Days by Rev Michael Bresciani, December 10, 2010


time runs out


The Vision that Started a Lifetime of Prophetic Ministry by Rev Michael Bresciani, posted September 16, 2011


Serious Questions and Answers on the Coming of Antichrist Rev Michael Bresciani, June 30, 2012




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Is the World Now Safe for Sodomy? Michael Bresciani, July 26, 2016


Trump Must Pledge to Implement GOP Platform by J. Matt Barber, July 25, 2016


I Was Wrong; Cruz was Right! by Don Boys, July 25, 2016


Voter ID "Controversy" Explained! by Rev. Austin Miles, July 25, 2016


The Offense not Noticed at the Republican Convention Michael Bresciani July 21, 2016


Trump Sets the Bar High For Low Ethics Hillary by Jeff Crouere, July 24, 2016


The American Appeasers Gowdy, Issa and Chaffetz: The Show Goes On by Bradlee Dean, July 22, 2016


Mike Pence in His Own Words by Jerry Newcombe, July 22, 2016


Islam at War with a Delusional, Suicidal West by J. Matt Barber July 18, 2016


When the Devil Becomes the Blind Reprobate Man’s Standard! By Bradlee Dean, July 16, 2016


Trump On A Roll by Jeff Crouere, July 16, 2016


It’s Time for Massive Civil Disobedience in Iowa! by Don Boys, July 15, 2016


Has Modern Science Fallen to PC Quackery – Is Nothing Safe? Michael Bresciani, July 12, 2016


Jesus Is the Answer for Our Racial Divide by Jerry Newcombe, July 14, 2016


Hillary Clinton as President: the Gateway to the destruction of the US by Greg Holt, July 12, 2016


The Single All Important Difference between Hillary and Trump Michael Bresciani, July 6, 2016


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PHOTOS: DNC erects four-mile eight-foot tall fence around Philly convention site

Clinton’s San Diego speech ignores this: She is an oligarch and a crook whose foreign policy opened the gates of hell

VIDEO: Good for Michael Voris – Leaves Homosexual Sin Behind – Earning ‘Gay’ Activist Ridicule

TEXAS Bans Sharia Law…Democrats and Muslim OUTRAGED


“Hope and Change” Becomes “Death and Destruction”

ISIS Beheads 4 Professional Soccer Players Because of This

Benham Brothers: Bloodshed in the Womb Leads to Bloodshed on the Streets

BOMBSHELL: Obama Didn’t Meet With His Defense Intelligence Chief ONE. SINGLE. TIME

Franklin Graham Calls on Christians to Join 'Divine Intervention' Prayer for Political Conventions

Police kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths generate more outrage

Have We All Forgotten What Really Makes America Great?

UN to Appoint Global LGBT ‘Czar to Investigate Alleged Rights Violations by Govts/Individuals Against LGBT People

Russia puts lid on Christians sharing faith

Planned Parenthood founder’s vision realized: Nearly half of black population in U.S. wiped out by abortion genocide

The Worst Period For Floods AND The Worst Period For Fires In U.S. History

Orlando aftermath – Two wrongs do not make an LGBT Right


Conservative icon: It's Trump or 'we lose our country'

Hillary Admires the Woman Who Vowed to Exterminate “Inferior People”


The Diabolical War on Christians and Children

Yad Ezra V'Shulamit A Message From Benjamin Netanyahu


Other Recent Articles

A Prayer for a Nation Divided by J. Matt Barber, July 11, 2016

Where Are The Jeremiahs? By John Miltenberger, July 7, 2016

Obama Uses Dallas Massacre to Push Agenda by Jeff Crouere, July 9, 2016

The Cry of Sodom by Rev. William Cook, July 7, 2016

Grinding Down The (American) Slaves and Crushing Them from Beneath! by Bradlee Dean, July 11, 2016

The Coming Battle Over the Supreme Court by Jerry Newcombe, July 7, 2016

Rigged Game – Making a Mockery of Independence Day by Chip McLean, July 8, 2016

Vladimir Putin's Abrupt About Face on Religious Freedom by Rev. Austin Miles, July 7, 2016

Sinful America – Is There No Price to Pay? – Must a Muslim tell us this? Michael Bresciani, July 1, 2016

BBQ Bushwa: When Liberals Drive Other Liberals More Batty than They Already Are by Selwyn Duke, July 7, 2016

Hillary Says More Death for Unborn Children is a Victory – Is This Presidential? Michael Bresciani, June 28, 2016

Hillary Is a Bad Bet for African Americans by Jeff Crouere, July 2, 2016

I Remember America: Safe, Sane, Secure, Stable! by Don Boys, July 3, 2016

They are in it together! Hillary, Barack and the Foreigners within! by Bradlee Dean, July 2, 2016

From ‘Never Trump’ to ‘Maybe Trump’ by J. Matt Barber, June 27, 2016

California Bill to Ax Christian Based Education by Rev. Austin Miles, June 29, 2016

Trump’s List of Spiritual Advisors – Impressive! Michael Bresciani, June 23, 2016

Really America! – Which Candidate is most likely to Stop More Jihadist Attacks? Michael Bresciani, June 16, 2016

A ‘Gay’ Muslim Democrat Walks Into a Bar… by J. Matt Barber, June 20, 2016

Homeless Vets Solution - Plus Much More by Rev. Austin Miles, June 21, 2016

Character Must be Sought, Taught, and Caught: Lessons from Dad! by Don Boys, June 17, 2016

The New Missing “I” Word by Chip McLean, June 18, 2016

The commencement address that should have been given: "PC jumps the shark" by Curtis Dahlgren, June 13, 2016

Politically Correct Lies: the Big Bang Theory, Evolution, and There is NO God by Greg Holt, June 13, 2016

Liberalism: The Pathway of Demons and Deceivers Michael Bresciani, June 9, 2016

Indecent Exposure: The ‘Gender Identity’ Agenda by J. Matt Barber, June 13, 2016

The Other Donald Trump: What’s Love Got to Do with It? Michael Bresciani, June 4, 2016

America's First and Last Mistake! by Bradlee Dean, June 11, 2016