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Abortion  articles by Rev Michael Bresciani - American

The Real Inconvenient Truth - Has Already Taken Fifty Million Lives Nov 19, 2007

Fetus: I Hope He Changes His Mind Jan 2009

Who Would the Innocents Choose – Blago, Bush or Obama  Feb 2009

America: Talking Green but Leaving a Trail of Red Mar 2009

Dr. Tiller: Let´s Not Make Him a Martyr June 2009

Yes to Little Spirits in Heaven - No to Little Spirits on Earth Feb 4, 2010

Choices and Chances - Does America Know the Difference? Feb 11, 2010

Abortion and Amnesty - The Hypocrisy Twins Mar 31, 2010

Infantophobia and Homophobia - Reality vs. Perception Apr 10, 2010

A Childs Eye View of Abortion and the Pledge to America Sept 24, 2010

Mississippi Still Burning – Consciences Seared Nov 10, 2011

Embattled American Children – 39 Years of Roe v. Wade January 24, 2012

The Impassioned Message of Rick Santorum, Bella and the Unborn February 4, 2012

Latest group of Americans denied their right to life – Unborn female children June 1, 2012

The Philosophy of Abortion - Intrinsically Flawed September 22, 2012

In the Phony War on Women Both Scripture and Science are Ignored October 17, 2012


After 41 years of Roe - Pro-Aborts still trying to Justify Murder Feb 4, 2014

Ultimate Definition of Hypocrisy - Dem’s Spinning Border Invasion as Humanitarian Crisis July 21, 2014

Abortion is Still Genocide – Not a Social Issue January 28, 2015

Is ‘crushing babies’ now part of Obama’s - “Change we can believe in?” July 17, 2015

The History of Evil – Planned Parenthood Writes a New Page July 23, 2015

Killing children for ‘research’ or to save the life of another? – The Morality of Jackals August, 6, 2015

Pope addresses lawmakers two days after they approve abortions – is his silence approval? September 27, 2015

Hillary Says More Death for Unborn Children is a Victory – Is This Presidential? June 28, 2016

Planned Parenthood vs. Gun Violence – Hypocrisy Greater Than the World Itself March 17, 2018

In New York, Pink is the New Color of Death – More Disgrace in a Shameless Nation January 28, 2019

Suffragette White Mocks Far Left Women of Congress at SOTU Address – Crimson Red More Appropriate? February 7, 2019

Abortionists - Cruel and Brutal Defenders of Infanticide and the most Sadistic Racists on Earth May 31, 2019

Hollywood to Georgia: If You Won’t Kill Them - No Movies for You! June 3, 2019


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