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Are Civil Rights Leaders Responsible or Reprehensible? Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted April 15, 2012

The recent killing of a black teen in Florida is being used as a vehicle to advance the notoriety and personal prosperity of “civil rights” leaders (preachers) who have proved that they are more adept at protesting than preaching. After all, there are big bucks in protesting. These shysters are turning a tragedy into tension and turmoil. Their actions are demonic, devious, and dangerous if not deadly. They are not simply pathetic buffoons.

George Zimmerman is a neighborhood watcher who was supposed to be suspicious of strangers who act in an unusual way in his neighborhood. He saw Trayvon Martin walking around in the dark off the sidewalk near the homes so George reported it to 911. Allegedly, there was an altercation as George found himself on his back with Trayvon pounding his head into the sidewalk. George managed to get to his legally possessed gun and killed his attacker. George had a broken nose and his attacker had no injuries except a bullet hole. After receiving facial and head injuries, what is a man supposed to do but use his gun?

In the beginning, the media showed a much younger victim and a very negative, unpleasant assailant. There were photos of a young Trayvon as a football player, skier, etc.; however, that was political shenanigans to manipulate emotions of the gullible populace. Some members of Congress opined that Trayvon was “Shot down like a rabid dog” and was “shot in cold blood.” Those black racists should be thrown out of congress, and could assume new positions as “civil rights” leaders.

Moreover, NBC edited the 911 script to “prove” that Zimmerman was prompted by racism even though he freely tutored black children—not symptomatic of a bigot. “Journalists” (on the left or right) who have an agenda and lie to promote that agenda are pathetic and despicable people.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has exacerbated the problem by sitting on his hands after the New Black Panthers publically announced a price on the head of Zimmerman! That is murder-for-hire and is still illegal. Would Holder (who is black) be so negligent to do his duty if such an offer were made by the Klan or American Nazis? Evidently there are many racists in high places of our government.

If Zimmerman followed Trayvon with plans to kill him, he should be strapped on a table and sent into eternity. But how can anyone determine his motives? It seems from the evidence that he was defending himself, which would make him a hero.

Bigots, haters, and racists do not freely tutor young neighborhood blacks. And few white bigots have black family members and friends.

Because of my vocal criticism of some black “civil rights” leaders, I have been called a bigot, hater, and racist; I have a lifetime that refutes those charges. I have friends, neighbors, and interracial family members. Since leftist racists (yes, Virginia they do exist by the millions) cannot refute my criticism of famous “civil rights” leaders, affirmative action, busing, etc., the only option they have is ad hominine attacks.

Isn’t it strange that blacks are killed every day without any response from race hustlers Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, et. al. Like buzzards, they show up when there is a likelihood of good pickings. It is shocking that anyone with an I.Q. equal to his ring size would give any credibility to these jerks who apparently get up each day with a hope for an example of white violence against blacks that they can exploit. They show no concern for black upon black crimes or black upon white violence. They seem to be interested in looking for an issue they can exploit for their own benefit. Such exploitation keeps big bucks coming in to their “ministries.”

Blacks should realize that the Jim Crow laws are gone, schools have been integrated, Blacks have equal opportunity for jobs, and in fact are some of the richest and most famous people in America. Blacks should repudiate those “heroes” who exploit them. For generations, Blacks have been very careless in choosing their heroes who have turned out to be Communists, Socialists, deadbeats, fornicators, etc.

None of the civil rights leaders (pretending to be preachers) have gone on record while on television to challenge people to repent of sin and place faith in Christ. They would if they believed such an experience is necessary. Those “preachers” use the ministry to convey upon themselves an undeserved respect while providing for themselves a luxurious living along with unlimited expense accounts, luxury cars, and lavish homes. That’s not the ministry I know. Ministry means unselfish service to others.

Jackson, Sharpton, and Farrakhan (the Three Stooges) will stand as eternal monuments to ignorance, bigotry, self-promotion, exploitation, hatred, racism and irresponsibility. In other words they are jerks posing as clergymen. And they are reprehensible when they should be responsible.

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Copyright 2012, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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