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Biblical Marriage, Not Polygamy, Polyandry, Polyamory, Promiscuity or Perversion is Acceptable by Don Boys, July 27, 2015

one-man-one-woman-biblical-marriage.jpgIn Cana of Galilee the marriage feast lasted three days and Christ put His blessings upon it and the importance of His appearance cannot be emphasized too much for us today. However, neither government nor religious institutions were involved. For Christian marriage requirements I should add Christ to consent, commitment, consummation, and communication.


The Bible teaches that a wife is a help meet to her husband (not a slave, servant, or subject) and he is to cleave unto her protecting her with his life if necessary. Since the Garden of Eden he   battled the bugs, beetles, and briars to provide food to eat, and she has provided him children, many children, especially boys. In that day his word was law and binding on wife and children, and if she disagreed with him, she did so discreetly. In I Samuel 25, Abigail did not confront her husband Nabal when he acted a fool in relationship to King David. She was a woman “of good understanding, and a beautiful countenance” and she used discretion in disagreeing with her husband. A wife is a fool if she disparages, denigrates, or even disagrees with her husband in the presence of others. It could destroy him and the marriage.


While the Bible clearly provides the pattern for a solid, successful, and spiritual home life, there have been many attempts to second guess God or to suggest that His way is too restrictive. It started early in man’s history in Genesis 4 when Lamech took two wives. (He was also a killer.) Later even Abraham took concubines and it has been going downhill ever since. While God permitted plural marriages in the Old Testament, He never endorsed them. He gave mankind the pattern for the family in Genesis when He provided one wife for Adam. In fact, there are only 15 examples of polygamy up to the time of Solomon and only four or five after that to the time of Christ!


Various societies have tried multiple wives such as the Mormons in the U.S. They practiced polygamy until it was outlawed although some fringe Mormons out west still illegally practice polygamy.

Many people would ask: “Why would polygamy be attractive to people since many men find it a challenge to take care of one woman?” Through the centuries it would have been the scarcity of men as a result of wars resulting in numerous unmarried females, the desire for more offspring, a barren wife, cementing political units, and other reasons but probably the main reason is common, everyday lust on the part of men. 


There is even a warped, wacky, worldly group that promotes polygamy among Bible-believing Christians as a Scriptural way of life! Their website defines itself “as a Christ-centered, Spirit-led, Scripture-believing” organization. Even though the focus is about Christian Polygamy, the Gospel of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is still held as "above all else." They are a parachurch group that has the interest in promoting polygamy among Christian churches as their only motivation. They go to extremes to disassociate themselves from Mormon polygamy.


Christ made it clear that polygamy was not acceptable in Matthew 19:3-9; Mark 10:1-2; and Luke 16:18. It is amazing how men can justify anything if they play around with it long enough.


Another form of “family” is the union where multiple men live with one woman: polyandry. Polyandry is fairly common in the animal kingdom, and it has been practiced at various times by a considerable number of people or tribes. It existed among the primitive Arabs, the early American Indians, the Hottentots, and the inhabitants of India, Ceylon, and New Zealand. Along India’s Malabar Coast a female is permitted to marry several men if they are of equal or superior rank, while in Tibet, a woman may marry the eldest brother of a family and get all his brothers in the deal. It was common in polyandrous marriages for all the husbands to be brothers with the original husband being the top honcho or number one husband. He had more privileges than the others.


Polyamory is a simultaneous and multiple sexual relationships that has been practiced in various cults and some religious groups. 


Other individuals don’t pretend to have a formal family arrangement but sleep with anyone of the opposite sex assuming they are at room temperature: promiscuity. The number of people, young and old, living a promiscuous life is shocking and the rise in STDs is a sure indication.


Still more shocking are those living in perversion or as some call it, same-sex “marriage.” The Bible calls it sodomy. So do I.


God’s plan is simple and it works: a man is to marry a woman and spend the rest of his life trying to make her the happiest person in the world. He is to provide, protect, and promote her wellbeing. He is to cherish her and be physically, mentally, and spiritually faithful to her until the undertaker slams the lid on his casket.


The wife is to meet her husband’s needs–even desires, keep a clean home, produce a brood  of well-behaved children who will grow up to produce loving, obedient, kind grandchildren. She will obey him and treat him like a king knowing that he in turn will treat her like a queen.


With the passage of the years and the addition of twenty or thirty pounds and his hair turning gray (or turning loose) they will grow old together still in love and more committed than ever. The flame will still be burning and while there may be no danger of setting the woods on fire, that’s alright too.


This is sure: the Bible never condones multiply wives, concubines, or prostitutes nor does it give government the authority to approve marriages.


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