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Big Bang for the Bucks as "God Particle" Sought by Rev. Austin Miles, Posted July 5, 2012

graphic-of-god-particle-ii-02.jpgGeneva, Switzerland 7/3/12 - the goal is to recreate the supposed "big bang" in the stratosphere that they say happened. The bucks are huge, $10 Billion (that's with a B) spent for this project as intellectuals seek "the God Particle."


In an expensive and desperate struggle to prove that God does not exist and that all life formed with a spontaneous combustion of gasses without any assistance from God, or 'a god' (as they refer to Him), the workers are scurrying about underground like ants except that ants are doing something constructive.


This waltz of mad scientists (not angry-mad but mental-mad) taking place in a 16.9 mile tunnel running under the border of France and Switzerland is to show the world that man can reconstruct the claimed big bang of history that created the world and us in it.


These scientists are seeking a "Eureka" moment (rather than a discovery one) to find what they ironically named, "The God Particle." This would be the particle that sparked the explosion that birthed us all.


This through the courtesy of the European Organization For Nuclear Research (CERN) that has constructed the Haldron Collider with the world's largest superconducting Solenoid Magnet (CMS), with enough power to knock the earth off its axis. Look, it's worth the risk to prove that God doesn't exist.


In a news conference today, the researchers stated that they have compiled vast amounts of data that "show the footprint and shadow of the particle (the one that started the whole thing) all but proving it exists, even though it has never actually been glimpsed." (?)


The results are to be announced tomorrow, July 4th. Rob Roser, who leads the researchers, said, "The results can be compared to finding the fossilized imprint of a dinosaur. You see the footprints and the shadow of the object, but you don't actually see it."


Isn't that similar to the testimony of a Christian who gets pounded by these same people for believing in something that cannot actually be seen? As Descartes might say, "Mr. Roser thinks this, therefore he is."


Then the most telling of all, Joseph Lykken, a Fermilab Theorist said that their theories are a concept intended to explain a riddle: "How were subatomic particles, such as electrons, protons and neutrons, themselves formed? What gives them their mass?" Excellent question.


A similar question was posed by Carl Sagan, a scientist who falsified experimental data to try and disprove God. In his book, The Violent Universe, he gave this scientific analysis with an unexpected twist:


Scientists have narrowed down the mystery of creation. All that seems to be necessary is some hydrogen gas at the beginning. We understand how the hydrogen condenses into a first generation of stars, how these stars cook heavier elements in their interiors, how these heavy elements are spewed out in supernova and other explosions to enrich the interstellar medium, and how subsequent generations of stars and planets form from the hydrogen and heavier elements...And yet there's the beguiling problem: Where did the original hydrogen come from?


It was unnecessary to spend 10 billion bucks to try to find out. The answer is found in The Bible which can be purchased for less than $10.00 in many bookstores. That is where the REAL God Particle can be found.


Happy 4th of July to a country that is proud to show it’s birth certificate.

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Photo Text: World's Largest Superconducting Solenoid Magnet (CMS)


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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