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Bob & Geri Boyd-Voices of Clarity Amidst Chaos by Rev. Austin Miles, Posted Oct 2, 2013

Bob_and_Geri.jpgIRONY: The U.S Dept. of Agriculture is distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever, to 40 million people. Meanwhile, the National Park Service tells us, (with their signs)” Do Not Feed The Animals. The Animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”
Bob and Geri Boyd observation in their newsletter, Issues in Education.”

Government controlled Information organizations have been put in place precisely to deceive, brainwash and to pressure society to think exactly as they demand all to think and to quietly follow their every dictate without questioning.

It is an age old dilemma bringing to mind the Greek Philosopher Diogenese (404BC-323AD) who spent his entire life carrying a lantern looking for an honest man. So what is happening today is not entirely new.

It can be difficult to find distinctively clear voices in the world of today. The voices that are heard distort all news reports concerning political and social life along with the images of prominent people, especially Christians; images that they totally manipulate and control to create unfavorable images of the good guys and favorable images of the bad guys.

Using compelling language for the purpose of influencing the public to passively slide into a set agenda without resistance is the goal. A goal to benefit corrupt leaders who wish total control of the masses, and at this point, the world itself.

Honest voices that work only to inform are difficult to find in the whirlpool of self-serving propaganda mixed into the Cool-Aid of double-speak.

Filtering out that confusion is a national radio program, Issues in Education, hosted by husband and wife team, Bob and Geri Boyd who spotlight with clarity that which is actually taking place in the areas of education, religion, politics health, gun control, abortion, global warming and the government-pushed entitlement mentality. Issues in Education is a refreshing oasis in the desert of mainstream so-called “news.”.

Cutting through all confusion, Bob and Geri bring on expert guests in these fields with accurate documented information, plus they publish a newsletter with the best overview and analysis of any publication that can be found. The newsletter can be subscribed to at: http://www.issuesineducation.org, where one can also see the station listings of the program, or, read the newsletter online at: http://issuesineducation.org/q313.pdf

Every citizen, parent, Christian, Pastor and those who care about America should tune into Issues in Education and read their newsletter.


An informed nation is a safer nation.


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Photo Caption: Bob & Geri Boyd-Issues in Education Hosts

Photo Credit: Issues in Education

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