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Chelation Saved my Mother-in-Law’s Leg and Life by Don Boys, November 14, 2014  

chelation.jpgThe Dr. Gervasio Lamas’ heart and diabetes study (Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy–TACT),

showed that Chelation Therapy was safe with no serious side effects for up to five years and beyond. The data supported the fact that cardiac events included fewer deaths, fewer heart attacks and fewer strokes. And fewer hospitalizations for any heart problem. That confirms what I decided a long time ago: if I ever have heart or diabetes problems, I will head for a clinic run by a doctor/friend who does chelation treatments. No knife or drugs for me when I can receive IV treatments sitting in an easy chair!


My mother-in-law had a leg amputated and was told by the experts that the other one had to be removed, but we got her to a physician specializing in chelation and she kept her leg and came back from her death bed! Her heart specialist, whom she refused to see again, berated her for getting Chelation Therapy even though he had testified to the amazing, unexpected improvements he had observed in her! A sane, sensitive, straightforward doctor would have been thrilled whatever the reason for the cure, but he saw her use of chelation and the cure as an attack upon everything he had been taught.


Am I being unkind to suggest that her second leg represented a first class trip to Europe for that surgeon? Maybe.


William Douglas, M.D., wrote, “If chelation therapy were to become an accepted therapy for all heart and circulation problems, then by-pass surgery, angioplasty, amputation, and a number of other surgeries would be virtually obsolete—putting the surgeons out of business.” Could that be a motive for some physicians refusing to investigate chelation? It could be, while other physicians swallow every critical statement from the AMA.


Honest skeptics are now willing to take another look at chelation. “For years I didn’t believe that chelation worked for heart disease, but I’m now reconsidering,” says Chauncey Crandall, M.D., head of the preventive cardiology department at the Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic in Palm Beach, Fla. “We’ve had patients who have been asking for this for years and years and years, and we’ve recommended against it, but the tide is turning.”


Roy Heilbron, M.D., is a board certified cardiologist now based in Santa Fe, NM. He said of the new study, “This trial finally proves scientifically, through the strongest possible scientific study ever done, that chelation works. I’m a clinician, and you always hear of this kind of thing going on; anything that reduces surgeries is going to be great for the patient but bad for the industry. Surgery is their biggest money maker.”


We must be fair with some medical personnel. There are a bunch of quacks out there (well, yes, even in establishment medical groups) and many people have been harmed, even killed by incompetents (well, yes, even in the establishment medical groups) but physicians should be careful what they recommend to their patients. Their first thought should be and is in most cases: “Do the patient no harm” and it’s encouraging when they do some good.


Honest physicians work long hours and are often very dedicated people who deserve their good incomes, but they must take time to investigate for themselves alternatives to surgery and deadly drugs. Even the National Institute of Health is now doing this but individual doctors must not depend on NIH to do their research, and the public must not depend on any health professional. We must take charge of our own health. 


Thanks to Dr. Lamas, Chelation Therapy has been brought into the light of the 21st century and will save the lives of many desperate, discouraged, diseased patients.  However, expect establishment doctors, hospitals, the CDC, and surgeons to scream like a stuck pig. 


The attacks started before the study was finished! The Medscape Journal of Medicine in 2008 screamed, “We conclude that the TACT [Lamas’ study] is unethical, dangerous, pointless, and wasteful. It should be abandoned.” That was long before the study was finished. So, the long knives have been out a long time and I expect even more because of this authoritative report published in the July 2014 issue of the American Heart Journal.  While Chelation Therapy is “safe and effective,” this report is also “inconvenient evidence,” even embarrassing, for those who have fought chelation for 50 years. 


David Gorski, a surgical oncologist, attacked the study and JAMA where the study results were published March 27, 2013 by declaring, “If published at all, TACT should have been published in some crappy, bottom-feeding journal, because that’s all that it deserves.” I don’t mean to be mean but could Dave be concerned about his next European trip or his new sports car? Sounds as if the good doctor is struggling with the straps of his straight jacket. He and many of his colleagues are dismissive, derisive, and damming of anything that does not emanate from the inner sanctum of the medical establishment stamped “Approved” by the AMA.


One medical critic of the new study said with a straight face, "Every now and then somebody will get killed.” Anyone want to talk about the numerous mistakes made in America hospitals every day; or how about the amputation of the wrong limb; or about surgeons at a major clinic removing my uncle’s healthy kidney leaving him to die in a few weeks! No, we had better not talk about people dying from mistakes, bad treatment, dangerous drugs, etc.


Dr. John Mandrola quoted another physician who declared, “The machine depends on people being sick to function. If people take control of their own health, the machine falls apart. And it is a billion-dollar business. Who wouldn't aggressively denounce anything that threatens it?”


Mandrola, a cardiologist at Baptist Medical Associates in Louisville, wrote an article for Medscape Medical News, Nov. 20, 2013 headed: "Chelation Therapy: Promising for Diabetic Patients but Disruptive to the Medical Establishment." Excellent!


Even NIH almost dismissed the study by declaring it “modestly reduced cardiovascular events” in heart patients; however, if I had heart problems I think a 26% improvement for heart patients and 49% benefit for heart patients with diabetes would be very exciting.


The American Heart Association declared: “Investigators caution that the results need to be reproduced and understood before consideration of clinical application.” That means: “Don’t expect us to recommend that patients stop taking dangerous drugs and having by-pass surgery and angioplasty. We need to look at this for many years before we rock the medical boat.”


I say, turn the boat over.

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