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Church and church history articles by Rev Michael Bresciani - American 

American Churches – Inspiring or Entertaining? Feb 2006


Good Church Member but a Poor Disciple - Trends toward the End Jan 20, 2007


The Osteen Bible and other Apostasy Milestones Jan 8, 2008

Why America Must Return to the Faith of Our Fathers Mar 2009


The Way That Seems Right: The Social Church in America Nov 2009

The Destruction of Rome and the Catholic Church - A Prophetic Surety Feb 18, 2011


Under the Shadow of Our Steeple: Unintended Prophecy? May 9, 2011

Eight Reasons Why Today’s World Despises and Resists Christianity Nov 3, 2011

Obama: Violating Much More than Conscience Feb 13, 2012

Being ‘left behind’ doesn’t strictly mean - you’ve missed the rapture June 23, 2013


Is it Ichabod for America and Blessings for Russia? - Revival in the Land of the Czars December 2, 2015

Churches: This is the Time to Return to Your First Love! July 20, 2017

Is American Obsession with Sex Creeping into the Church? July 28, 2018

The True Church is Losing its Best – The Apostate Church is Showing the World its Worst May 21, 2020


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