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Every Way I Turn He’s There by Bob Shea January 30, 2017

Acts-2.17.jpgRecently, many articles I have read are more or less touting the same message. I can honestly say that in the last month I have read at least 30 articles stating a very specific strategic plan for the whole body of Christ. It would be considered ironic to the non-believer when they realize these writers’ home addresses are from Canada to the Northeast to Florida over to California including everywhere else in between and not to exclude as far as Australia and New Zealand.


As believers we understand the Lord is pouring out His Spirit to the prophetic people of this world to send us a crystal clear message for His Glory and the ushering in of His Kingdom. If I were to create a summation of synonymous words and phrases used within the articles posted below, it would be as follows:


Lift our expectations, new entrepreneurs released with vast knowledge and revelation, Breakthrough year, Aligning teams of talent, Expectant hope, Acceleration like never before, Significant investments and resources, Crippling mainstream networks and media, Social media revolution, Abundant supplies, New ideas and strategies, Personal breakthroughs, Restorations at unprecedented levels, Newly released innovations and inventions


Specific entrepreneurial endeavors bringing in the harvest, Financial prosperity in mass proportion for the believer, A rise of prophetic people, Incredible wisdom and insight, A release of many new businesses, Individuals being restrained for years/decades being released for specific and incomprehensible growth and duties, God’s hidden soldiers now being released, Networks of Kingdom alliances are being formed, Strongholds and enemy walls are being torn down RIGHT NOW, Old corrupt systems are being uncovered RIGHT NOW, Out of the box thinkers being released


A new wave of generous givers arising for the Lords ministries, New income streams being uncovered as never before, A release of new soldiers that have been purged for decades and are fearless and righteous, The comeback year, From countless failures to immediate breakthroughs, The underdog with countless defeats is about to arise RIGHT NOW, Approaching the Lord with a victor’s prospective, Sheer determination and effort resulting in a crushing blow to the enemy


New paths are being opened, Hindrances and difficulties vaporizing, New levels of freedom, Not by your power but by my Spirit, New strategies and assignments, New dimensions and levels of faith, New levels of miracles and favor, Old forgotten dreams and desires rekindled, The season for increase is RIGHT NOW, The largest harvest is RIGHT NOW, Abundant flow towards your endeavor, Massive outpouring of His glory in your life


Rapid pace of blessings towards your endeavor, Wealth and prosperity as never seen by us, Business growth unprecedented, DO NOT WAIT FOR ME, I AM WAITING FOR YOU, The enemy will be silenced, Church age to Kingdom age, Unseen treasures in Heavenly realms are being released, Divine appointments, Supernatural encounters, Doors have been unlocked, New territories have been secured, Our boundaries have been expanded and last but not least, God’s full power and full authority are being released upon the earth RIGHT NOW!!


Wow!! I either lost you ten pages ago or you’re on board. This is true stuff. The Lord is sending some serious confirmation for anyone who has ears to hear. Below are excerpts and links in no particular order and I will tell you, if you haven’t already read some of these prophecies please do, they are so good you will not be able to sleep once finished!


I myself have just experienced firsthand an action item to be completed straight from the Lord. I know for some that is a common occurrence but this endeavor is something that I myself would never thought of on my own. As a matter of fact, it is so out of left field, it’s a bit scary but I did what I was told.


I said to the Lord, I want to use my entrepreneurial skills for something grand for your Kingdom. He told me to create a website that vehemently stands for Israel, America and Christianity. More specifically, to consolidate all entities (Hollywood, Politicians, Individuals in leadership positions, athletes and corporations) that are anti-Israel, America and Christianity and expose them with their public stances in specific categories for simplistic clarity for the viewer.


Then provide alternate choices for entities that support Israel, America and Christianity with their products and services in order to promote them to the viewing public for windfall profits.


I said to the Lord, I am by far not the expert on creating websites and it won’t work. He said, just make the site to promote the idea and I’ll take care of the provisions and put you in touch with the team needed to protect Israel, the U.S. and my people, (Christians). Also, I will provide many income streams for those who support me. To my amazement, after finishing the site a few days later I bumped into these prophecies that state the Lord is going to create the following;


The Lord Says, “I Will Have the Last Word in the Media

’By Jennifer LeClaire


There are many voices and none without signification, but I want My voice to be the loudest one people hear in the media. I want My voice echoed with clarity so that it will ripple through the lies of the prince of the power of the air. I want My truth to be established in every sphere of society. As the righteous ones rise up in the media world, the people who listen and read what is being proclaimed will begin to discern fact from fiction, truth from lies. They will begin to understand My perspective on the matters at hand and it will resonate in the hearts of many who are sick and tired and overwhelmed with the hopelessness and despair on the airwaves and in print. Many are looking for an alternative. Many are seeking truth.


Then this one…


Cindy Jacobs and the ACPE The Breakthrough Year


And now we prophesy a "social media revolt" in which many use this form of communication and it will result in the crippling networks and newspapers that persecute the truth of God. God is about to arise in a way to release the anointing of truth. There are media revolutionaries who will change the way everything is being done concerning communications. Corruption is going to be exposed in the media as well and the disillusionment will deepen in people in general with "traditional media" sources. Significant investments in new innovations and inventions; some given through dreams, will be released.


And finally this…


Wisdom, Clarity and 'New Ideas' Are Knocking at the Door "by Daryl Crawford-Marshall, Breakthrough, Restoration and Kingdom Wealth


Lastly, I saw that in conjunction with this release, many congregations this year would see the rise of many prophetic people into strategic and/or consulting roles both in and outside the Church.


Within the Church, these people will work with incredible wisdom and insight to help others implement intricate and detailed blueprints for thousands of new heavenly businesses.


Basically those prophecies state the following; I’m going to rip the current media to shreds, replace it with very successful methods that I am giving to my believers in order to spread the truth about Me in these last hours for an unprecedented harvest beyond your imagination. I’m also going to place individuals in the path of the church for those who have ears to hear, to present leading edge opportunities so that members of the church may prosper financially to levels with new businesses that have not been previously conceived.  


That is a remarkable message.


View the site that the Lord instructed me to create but don’t make too much fun of me because remember, the Boss is watching. I don’t know how to lift this to fruition but I do know the humble prophets of the world are telling us to act and react. Time is of the essence says the Lord through the prophets and He is asking us to believe them, pray, listen and act faithfully on whatever He gives us. Here is the site: http://proica.weebly.com/


In closing, I thought it would be interesting if I took all of the synonymous words and phrases listed above and put them into a paragraph as if the Lord was speaking, coaching and inspiring us one on one regarding the last hours of the last days, as in the final time out of a big game, I think it would sound something like this;


I want you to know… I know it has been a hard fought battle and I’m proud of you. I created you specifically for this time in history and I want you to know you have arrived. For what I am about to give you to do for the kingdom is going to be beyond remarkable and by the way, it’s already done in the heavens.


All you need to do is move forward with your desires that I have placed in your heart and I will provide the resounding results. I know what you’re thinking but this time is my time and I am removing all barriers so that we may succeed. The previous barriers were for your benefit so that in my final season you would be prepared to move through with my agenda with ease. You are about to embark on the most adventurous ride of your life and it’s all for My Kingdom.


The reason I kept you striving for all of these decades without visible success is because I needed you to be strong without waiver. Believe me when I tell you, you have arrived. Please do this for me during these last hours because I know you can. It might appear at times as insurmountable but remember this is already done in the heavens and I promise you, this is yours to own.


We are very close on encapsulating the most supernatural finish known to mankind and I need you for the close. I won’t ask if I can count on you because I know the end from the beginning so I already have the results. Call me when you need me and I’ll be right here with whatever you ask.






"Expectant Hope and Joy Are the Fuels For Acceleration" by Katie Barker, Australia 


The next twelve months will be a time of much change and acceleration. It will be important to keep your focus on the Lord and commune with Him; to seek Him and His presence. God wants us to expect Him to move in our lives and He wants us to have an expectant hope.

This is the kind of hope that has a confidence and assurance to it. It is not a "wish" that something will happen but is instead a confidence in knowing it will, and to stand with expectancy for it to come to pass.

Wisdom, Clarity and 'New Ideas' Are Knocking at the Door "by Daryl Crawford-Marshall,

Breakthrough, Restoration and Kingdom Wealth


I understood too that these strategies were being released in order to usher in personal breakthrough and restoration at unprecedented levels in 2017 and beyond. That being said, I did also feel that a primary manifestation of this release would be seen in new levels of entrepreneurial expression throughout the entire Body.


"The Year of the Arrow - Being Made Ready to Hit the Target with Great Precision" By Steve Porter


Many are asking, 'Why do I feel as if I'm stuck, making no progress toward my destiny? Why is this process taking so long?'  You wonder whether others even know you exist. You feel invisible and unimportant, and the enemy constantly attacks your self-worth and sense of purpose.

"Hidden Ones, Arise Into the Isaiah 49 Mandate!" Jamie Rohrbaugh, Chattanoogo http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=17342  Many of God's soldiers have been hidden. You've known that you were made for more, but you can't seem to get out from behind the curtain of hiddenness. But now, hidden ones, it's time to arise into the Isaiah 49 mandate!

Open Doors, Opportunities & Advancement Through God's World War III Weapons

"Bishop Bill Hamon, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Right now, God is searching for soldiers of the Cross who are willing to volunteer for God's WWIII offensive army. Jesus is looking for those who have level-four heart soil (Mt. 13:23), which have been purged from all weed-seed attitudes. They are righteous and fearless…

God Says: I Will Turn Things Around! This is a Comeback Year!"

Jane Hamon, Santa Rosa Beach, FL


I hear the Lord decreeing that 2017 will be an incredible Comeback Year! It is the person who has failed time and again finally triumphing and attaining success. It is the underdog who may have suffered horrible losses and heartbreaking defeat, who through sheer determination rises above every barrier and obstacle to obtain the prize…

Wielding His Victorious Sword in Increased Power and Authority!" by Paulette Reed, Aricopa,AZ

http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=17319  The year of the sword will include the Church walking in the authority of her King. As we approach the King through bold intimacy, He will stretch out His scepter and grant us what we desire.


"2017: The 'Crush It' Year" Dean Mitchum, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=17309This is the season for us to crush it! A time to move on from unfinished business, recycled battles, and non-productive Kingdom activity


"2017: The Year of God's Path" Bill and Marsha Burns, Kremmling, CO


New Paths Lead to New Freedoms "I have opened a path before you that will enable you to maneuver through hindrances and difficulties that you have endured for quite some time…

Fresh Oil and Dynamic Upgrades for 2017!" Ryan LeStrange, Abingdon, VA


I see new strategies, assignments and paradigms going forth in the glory!!! In the thick fog of His presence uncommon wisdom is coming forth

"A Time for Increase! Shekinah Glory Released as We Step Into 2017"Angela Greenig,


This year is one of new dimensions; unprecedented Shekinah Glory that is releasing angelic portals all over the world… Dreams that were long-forgotten will be awakened in hearts once again.

Mach Speed by Bob Shea Nov.13th 2016


Right now, I think there is a chance the Lord is going to pick up the pace and bless His people who are willing to brush off their submissiveness and political correctness and do His allotted work that is assigned to each and every one of us, in such a way, we can’t conceive.


We Are in a Time of God's Plan and in the USA!" by David Tomberlin, Pasadena, CA


We are entering into a time of wealth and prosperity that this generation has yet to see!

The Year of My Spirit - Prepare for the Awe of God" by Wanda Alger, Winchester, Virginia


"Do not wait for Me – I am waiting for you. It is your praises and declarations of My purposes that will overwhelm and overcome the attempts of the enemy to silence you! We are leaving the Church Age and entering the Kingdom Age. There are treasures in unseen realms…


A Strategic Year of To Go Through the Gates of the Lord! by Scott Reece, Moline, IL


God has already gone ahead of you in this upcoming year and has orchestrated divine appointments, supernatural encounters and Kingdom opportunities…


Abundance! We're in a Season of Increase and Plenty"" by Darren Canning, Ontario, Canada


This year, God is going to download strategies into His people that will increase them financially. Pay attention to your gut instincts, or your sixth sense…


ACPE Prophetic Roundtable: 2017 - The Breakthrough Year - Part 1 of 2" Cindy Jacobs

http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=17362 Changing Financial Structures The way people make money is going to change. A new breed of entrepreneurs will arise who are "out-of-the-box" thinkers. The Church, missions, organizations, and other ministries will benefit greatly from the creation of wealth, as new donors will rise up…


More articles and bio for Bob Shea…

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