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Evolutionist: A Blind Man in a Dark Room Looking for a Black Cat that isn't There! Don Boys, Ph.D. April 10, 2010

 I would be delighted if my critics would refute my article "DNA in Your Body Could Reach to the Sun and Back-70 Times!" Please help me see the light. I will be waiting, but I don't expect any answers, only vulgar and incoherent blathering.


An Australian critic "responded" to my DNA article by sending me a link to an atheist website replying, "Properly (sic) refutation required? Well allow me to provide you with this information. Consider yourself refuted." I responded: "That was a rebuttal? You've got to be kidding. I assume you are a smart mouth (or is it dirty mouth) 12-year-old kid. I do not "consider [myself] refuted."


Atheists/evolutionists are pathetic. They allegedly believe in being open, balanced, fair, and logical but are the most illogical people living. I will consider myself refuted if anyone can inform me how the DNA got the information that determines whether a person will be short, tall, eye color, and whether he will have five fingers on each hand. Alternatively, I will be satisfied to know how the Universe got here without God. You know simple things like that.


Another critic opined that we creationists write about evolution only to get attention, but no, it is to point out to all the uninformed that evolution is an adult fairy tale foisted upon children. It's a form of child abuse! He declared that the best response is to ignore us. He stated, "This is because ignorance has no intention of positively progressing and it tends to beget belligerence." However, the belligerence is seen in all the responses I received from the atheists/evolutionists. They are the ones screaming like a stuck pig.


That writer, not the most coherent, declared, "Remember that control, in the big sense of the word, is an illusion that the foolish strive for." Creationists aren't interested in controlling anyone, and may I remind my readers that the atheists/evolutionists are in control of practically every non-Christian school in the free world, even refusing advanced degrees to those who dare disagree with their religion. Moreover, they basically run the media and entertainment industry and other mediums, yet most Americans believe in creation.


His ranting continued by affirming, "These people want to have a war because they see that human intelligence is slowly overcoming intelligent design. Their numbers are dwindling in the states. Let them go, screaming and crying. Deep down they know that their screams and tears are due to nothing more than a life wasted, but misery loves company and they need to drag people down with them." Really! Our numbers "are dwindling"! A 2006 CBS Poll revealed that 55% of Americans believe God "created humans in their present form," 27% believe humans evolved but God guided the process; and only 13% believe that man evolved without God's intervention.


Even though the educational system, the entertainment industry, and the media have been in control for generations, many polls show that most Americans do not believe in evolution. Moreover, to say that creationists are living "wasted" lives is pathetic, especially coming from an evolutionist.


Then he shows what a fool he is by saying, "This fight has to end before it ends up turning us into Israel/Palestine." (Sic) I pleaded for Evolutionist/atheists to deal with the arguments, but as is obvious they write such drivel by suggesting that we all may resort to violence to promote our causes! Is he saying evolutionists are going to get violent and we will need to defend ourselves?


A dude from Chicago suggested that my article was "A piece of radical Christian propaganda masquerading as a scientific discussion." Whatever label is put on it, deal with my position. He went on to declare that evolution was the "most rational argument." He must not know the meaning of rational.


Is it rational to believe that "nothing created everything"? Where did space, time, matter, energy, and information originate? How did scientific laws evolve? No one has even suggested how the First and Second Laws came into existence. No one can tell us how the laws of gravity, inertia, and laws of planetary motion were formed. No one can tell us how life began on earth. Even Darwin's Origin did not deal with origins-of the Universe or mankind! Evolutionists are forced to admit, as did Dr. George Wald, that life arose spontaneously even though he admitted that was impossible! Yes, very rational.


My deluded critic then declared, "That 6000 years ago, there was no such thing as a monotheistic religion of any kind, not even Jews." He has "drunk the Kool-Aid" given by uninformed evolutionists that man created first polytheism followed many years later by monotheism. Of course, he is uneducated and is not aware that scholarship has proved that thesis inaccurate. I refer him to archeologist and Egyptologists Drs. Clifford Wilson, Sir Wallis Budge, Sir Flinders Petrie, and Stephen Langdon (and his book Semitic Mythology.)


Dr Clifford Wilson former director of the Australian Institute of Archaeology in his book, The A.B.C. of Biblical Archaeology, describes evidence of monotheism seen in many ancient cultures. Chapter 11 reveals, "The history of the oldest civilization of man is a rapid decline from monotheism to extreme polytheism and widespread belief in evil spirits. It is in a very true sense the history of the fall of man." The evidence shows that all civilizations started as believing in one supreme God and slowly degenerated into pagan polytheism. Evolutionists teach the opposite and they are wrong as usual.


Evolutionists are like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't there. So sad.


Copyright 2010, Don Boys, Ph.D.


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