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Final Warnings are in Order – No Recovery from a Hillary Administration Michael Bresciani, October 12, 2016

big-nose-ring.pngAfter wrestling with the political trends to the very point of exhaustion, the only way to avoid total disillusionment is to abandon myself, to the God I trust and obey – the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


It seems we are now caught between the proverbial, rock and a hard place.


On the one hand, we see both conservatives and Christians willing to disregard Mr. Trump’s apology and rush to cast the first stone.


On the other hand, the Dem’s and liberals are being led around like slaves with rings in their noses (brains) to elect the most dishonest and corrupt person to ever seek the high office of president.


According to the latest polls, they (The Liberals) are doing well.


Her sycophants are drooling and still believing that she loves them recent WikiLeaks notwithstanding. In fact it is now clear that besides Trump, gun owners and women that claim her husband raped them the facts now show that she hates state troopers, secret servicemen, handicapped children, Catholics and evangelicals, and yes, even ordinary everyday Americans.


It suffices to say that while we still insist, as do all the candidates, that it is all about Isis, taxes, immigration and jobs – in fact – it is not!


Not even close.


It is about the worst moral decline any nation has ever undergone in modern times. God was given his walking papers about a generation back and today’s millennials are convinced they have their world by the tail.


According to the completely trustworthy elements of the bible that are prophetic, it is the world, and the god of this world that has them by the tail and is leading them to their final place in the overall picture we call the full will and counsel of the Living God.


Where does that end?


Some along with me have spent a lifetime studying and disseminating the knowledge of last days events and it is available in many places such as here, and here, and here and here, just as an example.


But neither conservatives nor liberals pay all that much attention to these kinds of warnings and their accompanying details.


What to do?


In reality this is an easy question to answer. We are told to proclaim these things regardless of who is listening, the results are not up to the messengers – the results are up to you.


So here is yet another warning.


We cannot continue to waste unborn children like they were excrement to be flushed down the toilet. Fifty six million and counting – God is about to pull and punch our ticket on this genocidal madness.


He has called, piped, whistled and danced to get our attention – our answer to all of this – elect Sangar-ite Hillary Clinton who proudly proclaimed that she fully stands behind Roe v. Wade.


The perversion of homosexuality is still as abominable today as when the scripture’s first declared it, but we have added to our reprobation the idea that it should be given certification and dignity by allowing same sex marriages.


I can’t say God will arrive next week to put a stop to it all, because we have been told to proclaim the inevitable, but we are not allowed to make up God’s schedule for him.


What we do have is the solid promise that in due season he will severely judge both individuals and entire nations that refuse to heed his warnings.


There is little doubt that the judgment is near and the United States is in God’s sites.


It is not a complicated warning, but it deeply disturbing elements that will not be acknowledged until they are seen on a daily basis by everyone in our nation.


Here is that warning.


First, if Hillary is elected, we will not recover from the demise of our nation, it will fall rather unceremoniously.


Secondly, it will begin and may well end with a total collapse of our economy. We may think English is the universal language, but think again, in this nation, a buck is the universal language.


You can take that to the bank – if you could find one open.


As for politics, that too, is easy to answer. You can pick up the first stone to cast at Trump, but you may not alter the great laws of reciprocation one little bit. We will be held responsible for our own behaviors, not Mr. Trump’s.


Donald may have been a nasty boy in in his past, but before you start looking for a stone to be the first one to pummel him, consider this - our entire future will be nasty if we latch on to Hillary.


This is the biblical summary of all you have just read.


“He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” (Pr 29: 1-2)

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