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Geraldo Condescending about Ben Carson’s Faith? – Pompous is as Pompous Does Michael Bresciani, October 10, 2015

Geraldo-Rivera.pngThe insults are flowing like a river this week. First GQ mag, a liberal rag, with all the class of a plane crash has taken to insulting Ben Carson for saying that people should defend themselves from mass murderers. There is little to say about a magazine that seems to be headquartered in a foreign land – world?

Then along comes Geraldo on the Factor Friday October 9, 2015 belittling Carson’s belief in Creationism.

Since the candidate I support is the one Rush recently declared as the “most principled,” Ted Cruz, no one can say I am speaking from bias. I am speaking from disgust at the pompous, self-assured Rivera who had to include millions of Americans in his insult.

Not everyone in America has swallowed the Darwinian Kool-Aid – some of us have chosen to think it out for ourselves. We have not all taken the word of some college professor who would flunk us if we don’t giggle along with him about the comical contentious remarks made about the creation story at the Scopes monkey trial of 1925.

It is reported that the court broke into laughter when Darrow asked the famous question about the serpent being cursed to crawl on its belly. When Bryan, who was called to the stand, replied with a simple –yes, he did believe that was what happened? Darrow said “Have you any idea how the snake went before that time?”

We can only wonder what laughter there would be if the question, answered by nature, not the scripture, was asked about the ordinary butterfly. Is the winged insect cursed because at one point in its life it had to crawl around on a hundred legs? If nature can make such a transformation, how easy would it be for nature’s God to transform any creature he has made?

The logic engaged in 1925 was no logic at all it was pure mockery. The very proof that scientist stand on to build the theory of evolution is what creationists are using today to de-bunk the Darwinian pipedream.

The twentieth and twenty first century sacred cow is without doubt this thing we call empiricism, or the scientific method. Scientists scrutinizing and engaging the evolutionary model now for the past 100 years are not all atheists or Darwinists. The science has come into serious disrepute and if nothing else it is still missing, the missing links.

The transitionary stages in the development of man should be everywhere. The generations said to have taken place for billions of years would produce evidentiary specimens in the millions. They do not exist.

The other non-existent aspect of modern science is the ability to accept a conclusion that the evidence does not support. The evolutionary model has momentum not credibility.

Thousands of scientists, researchers and organizations have been scrutinizing Darwin’s doting and have come to other conclusions – all quite without referring to the Bible. Two of my online favorites are Creation.com and The Institute for Creation Research.

Insisting on no other explanation, but evolution is perfectly OK if the facts and the science were all summarily supportive, but they are not. This author was amazed to see more blog replies to my article entitled “Darwinism’s Props and Propaganda Approaching the Pathetic” published in 2013.

I read the standard arguments and found myself mostly amazed by the lack of imagination among those that replied. I was sure then, as I am today, that it is a profound PC push of our day, planted in our generation by our arch enemy whose most important work is to remove accountability to God. I have written many more articles on the subject and I find myself in good company when I think of my shared view with Ben Carson.

In the meantime, I would wait until the editors of GQ and the pompous Geraldo to learn how to separate conjoined twins before I gave much credence to their opinions of Dr. Ben Carson.

While Geraldo offered patronizing statements about Carson saying, “I really like the man” the damage was already done.

Maybe it’s time for Geraldo to evolve and consider this before he mocks a man’s faith as a fairy tale on national television. To wit:

“He that hath knowledge spareth his words: and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit. Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.” (Prov 17: 27-28)

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