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God Booed by Dems at Convention! Incredible! by Rev. Austin Miles, Posted Sept 6, 2012

God-booed.jpgCharlotte North Carolina (9/5/12) In what must be a first in American History, the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C. took an ugly turn tonight when Dems booed God!

The dispute began yesterday when it was moved to remove the words, "God-given (potential)" from the Democrat platform language as well as dropping the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

This stirred up a new hurricane producing heavy public backlash which embarrassed Democrats to the extent that they voted to change it back to the original language. Tonight, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, presented the re-modification of the language amendment, to put God back in.

Those who voted Yea and those who angrily voted Nay (with boos) seemed tilted toward Nay. Unable to determine the majority, the vote was again presented. Again there were boos from the Nays. A third vote was taken with the same results, but Villaraigosa, obligated to read what the teleprompter flashed, said, "The chair has decided that the original language (God-given) remains.

Loud boos were heard when the name "God" was spoken and the cameras picked up angry objectors reacting. The reference to God and the name, God, was booed by more than half the Democrats in the filled to capacity arena.

The speakers who followed included, Sandra Fluke, the young law student who demands that taxpayers fund her contraceptives so she can have all the casual sex that she craves....and then...if the contraceptives don't work and the sperm still gets through, then she demands the taxpayers, that's US, to pay to have the resulting baby killed. As she slammed Romney, calling him and all Republicans bigoted in her grating voice, the Democrats - cheered.

Next, Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren took the podium to extol the virtues of Obama. She questioned election integrity, stating, "We don't want the game to be rigged." Warren is the woman who lied about having Native American Blood in order to gain financial advantage as a minority student in Rutgers University and to be hired by the Harvard Law School that was under pressure to "diversify"

She then put on her Christian undergarments, telling how she grew up in the Methodist Church. She then managed to use her 'Christian' identity to suggest that to vote for Obama is a call...yes, like a religious call to elect The One. She closed by saying God Bless America. The audience cheered her every word.

The keynote speaker was Bill Clinton, a very gifted orator and charming who referred to the Republican Party as "An alternative universe."

Ear-piercing applause rang throughout his 50 minute speech which did have some snake-oil, lubricating some of the 'facts,' he claimed for Obama and against Romney. That snake oil is on sale until November.

So let's understand this pageant: God was mentioned and most of the audience booed. Sandra Fluke who sins against God while demanding we pay for her sins is cheered. Senate Hopeful Elizabeth Warren, a fraud and liar who pretends to be a Christian is cheered. Bill Clinton, a kinky adulterer is cheered. And God is booed? Something is wrong with this picture.

End Note: Did anybody else notice that far more TV stations carried the Democratic Convention than the Republican one? Just asking.

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Photo Caption: God Not Welcome at Democrat Convention
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