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Guns Don’t Kill People, Doctors Kill People! By Don Boys, August 21, 2012

dr-with-gun.jpgAn organization devoted to helping health care professionals who have been falsely accused of medical misconduct declared that “doctors are approximately 9,000 times more likely to accidentally kill someone than gun owners.” Humm, so guns don’t kill people; doctors kill people. (Semmelweis Society International.)

It seems some medical doctors have no shame as proved when they took advantage of the mass shooting of six Sikhs at their temple in Wisconsin by a nut case. I always expect shameless politicians to take advantage of any tragedy to grab guns but they will never use such experiences as a platform to demand that the killer’s penalty be swift, sure, and severe–death penalty for causing innocent deaths.

In the late 70's in Indiana I advocated that killers and rapists be “tried and fried.” However, I have become more genteel with the passing of years. Let the psychiatrists deal with their minds, the preachers deal with their souls, and the physicians deal with their bodies as they are strapped to a gurney and dismissed from the human race. As I said, “Same result but more genteel.”

Now, we hear from the "experts" (anyone fifty miles from home and wearing a white coat and are double experts if they also have a stethoscope around the neck) that the massacres are indicative of a “social disease.” What we need, they say, is a “public health approach” to the problem. These physicians ask, “Is a gun like a virus, tobacco or alcohol?” No, a gun is not like a virus, it is, well, like a gun. Maybe I do see a parallel since a virus can kill people--often with the help of an incompetent physician, but guns always kill with an intentioned, invective, invidious, and incorrigible killer.

Remember that these are the same kind of professionals who told us that getting drunk is a disease called “alcoholism” caused by a genetic problem. They tell us that, expecting sane people to believe that a disease can be purchased in a bottle from a licensed store approved by the state! And of course, “Alcoholism is not a moral failure and is not the fault of the ‘victim.’” Same with drugs, obesity, even criminal behavior! But none dare call it quackery! I think I will. They are quacks!

Let me see if I understand: Gun ownership is a precursor to gun violence and is a social disease; however, homosexuality is not! It is normal! No, such non-thinking indicates terminal brain rot--usually the result of liberal propaganda from public educators and Hollywood entertainers. Gun violence is not a social disease; it is a “disease” of sin but a “disease” that can be cured!

Let’s see: guns are a social disease that must be dealt with but homosexual activity (the source of AIDS that has killed more people in 20 years than gun violence in this century) should not be classified as a threat to society. And no one has been willing to say, “Stop your sodomy.”

One physician asked, “What I’m struggling with is, is this the new social norm? This is what we’re going to have to live with if we have more personal access to firearms.” He continued babbling: “We have a public health issue to discuss. Do we wait for the next outbreak or is there something we can do to prevent it?”

Yes, we do have a problem as seen this week with the Family Research Council shooting by an activist in the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community. Ninety percent of the media refused to identify the shooter and his hate motive. Obviously the shooter has a "social disease." Do we think maybe that most of media does also? No one would argue that coverage would be the same if the scenario had been at Planned Parenthood by a volunteer in the local Republican headquarters.

Some would urge us to cut off all access to guns today. How would that improve the problem? About 300 million guns are owned by one-third of U.S. citizens. If they tried to take those guns, blood would flow in the streets of every city. Moreover, if they confiscated all guns, that leaves us helpless since all the bad guys would still have their guns. No one has addressed that fact. Furthermore, an unarmed population would have no protection from an oppressive government. That is what this is all about, and it seems to be a repeat of history.

British Military Governor of Massachusetts Thomas Gage sent Major John Pitcairn and Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith to Concord with more than 700 redcoats on the night of April 18, 1775 to seize powder, shot, and arms. On the morning of April 19th, 77 minutemen met them at Lexington Green. Pitcairn yelled, “Disperse you rebels damn you, throw down your arms and disperse.” Some British soldier fired (the shot heard around the world) and the Americans returned fire. Eight Americans died on the village green and ten were wounded. Thus ended the first battle of the American War for Independence.

Gun control was the spark that set off the conflagration of the War for Independence. Politicians and general do-gooders had better be careful as they play with matches in a roomful of gasoline or more appropriately, gun power.

Gun control could be the spark that sets off another American revolution or more correctly, a War for Freedom, like the original revolution.

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Copyright 2012, Don Boys, Ph.D.


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