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Hillary’s Knowledge of the Bible Would Fit in the Navel of a Flea by Dr. Don Boys, PhD. Posted December 28, 2011

HC.pngHillary Clinton is no sex expert or Bible expert, in fact, I’m not sure she is an expert on anything. Moreover, does any sane, honest person think she would be Secretary of State if her name were Paula Jones?

Recently Clinton, talking like a sex expert and Bible expert, made some really stupid remarks in promoting perversion (or to be politically correct, the homosexual agenda). She is not satisfied that the homosexual crowd has taken control of the media, the entertainment industry, mainline church groups, and academia but now she and Obama would raise the stakes and go for a global acceptance of perverted practices! She declared that it is “one of the remaining human rights challenges of our time,” saying it was similar to the effort of ending racial, sexual, or religious discrimination. Hand me a barf bag. All Blacks should be indignant at her nonsensical babbling.

Hillary went for the religious jugular when she blasted Christians who object on Bible grounds to her hedonism. “These objections,” she said, are “not unlike the justification offered for violent practices towards women like honor killings, widow burning, or female genital mutilation.” She was trying to convince us that the crusade for approval of a man climbing into bed with another man and a woman with woman is equally honorable to the crusade to eliminate honor killings, widow burning, or female genital mutilation! Maybe Bill didn’t inhale those funny cigarettes but Hillary sure did.

She suggested that “opinions are still evolving” worldwide on the subject of perversion. That is true but the Bible does not evolve on morality. In the Old and New Testaments, God presents homosexuality as an abomination that will bring men (and women, as well as cities and nations) into judgment! Americans should remember that Sodom and Gomorrah were not husband and wife.

America, Canada, England, etc., have pranced into and out of Sodom and are now lurching toward the inner bowels of Gomorrah. Those who think that God does not bring judgment upon such nations are in for a surprise.

Hillary correctly stated that homosexuality is not a disease; but she should have added that it is a decision, a decision made easier for troubled youth to make because of public school teachers, wimpy preachers, and cowardly, uninformed media persons. She really fouled her nest when she added that gays do not recruit others, as if it were true. However, Hillary has not had much experience with the truth. She wouldn’t know it if it smacked her down. After all, she has spent all her adult life with you-know-who.

She opined that no serious argument exists against public homosexual behavior, but surely she has seen Gay Rights Parades that are often led by gutless mayors while perverts cavort naked and even perform abnormal sex in public while moronic fathers put children on their shoulders so they don’t miss anything. “No serious argument exists against public homosexual behavior!” It is my opinion that only a deviate could make such a statement. Has Hillary lost all decency or did she ever have any? Just asking.

What wickedness will Clinton and Obama support next? How about the René Guyon Society whose motto is, “Sex before eight or else it’s too late.” Is there a reporter somewhere with the courage to ask her and him that question?

Will she come to the defense of the North American Man/Boy Love Association that publically promotes loving little boys? Is pedophilia no longer reprehensible, repulsive, and reprobate? How about some answers!

Will Hillary support sex with animals, as long as they are consenting animals? After all, Princeton University Professor Pete Singer wrote of “mutually satisfying activities” of a sexual nature may sometimes occur between humans and animals. If academia passes on it, why not?

What if a man wants to marry a woman, a man, a monkey, and a horse? Is that a family? Is that one of America’s cherished First Amendment rights? Christians are expected to be tolerant of such degeneracy; however, we are not supposed to expect toleration from the vilest people on earth for our “bigotry”! I demand to know why not. Don’t normal people deserve toleration? Whatever happened to fairness and reciprocity? After all, if degenerates can’t help what they believe and how they love, maybe I can’t help how I feel.

Will Hillary and Obama come out for sadomasochism next week? Alright, how about sex with the dead? No problem with consenting adults, is there? Isn’t there anything that everyone agrees is wrong, as well as disgusting, to decent, normal people?

My next column (“People Without Integrity Reject Facts About Homosexuality”) will provide some salient facts that some advisor should give to Hillary and Obama (who instructed all U.S. foreign officers to promote worldwide perversion and promised to give $3 million dollars of our money to “finance homosexual activists around the world.”) Yes, Virginia, the loonies have taken over.

Rather than answer my charges, my critics often question my credentials and my training. Astute readers are aware that such responses are merely a smoke screen. The question is not about my training or credentials but the facts revealed. My critics usually demand “documentation” and they can get that from my book, AIDS: Silent Killer. Have I written the truth? If so, deal with it Buster. Don’t dance around the issue. And whether I am a bigot or not doesn’t really matter. Have I written the truth? Prove me wrong. I will demand that of all my critics.

I hope my critics will be more concerned with the truth rather than whether I love people. While love is very important, truth always trumps love. Always.

Copyright 2011, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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