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BREAKING! Howard Phillips Dead at 72 by Rev. Austin Miles, Posted Apr 26, 2013

tn_Howard_Phillips_2.JPGVIENNA, Virginia. Howard Phillips, a man unwavering in his principles, passed away on Saturday, April 20, 2012. According to his family, he died of Temporal Frontal Lobe Dementia. He had been hit with Alzheimer's disease a little over a year ago.

Howard, who headed, The Conservative Caucus, and a three time presidential candidate with The Constitution Party would have been a unique presence in Washington, D.C. He was a totally honest man who stood up for ethics, principles and morals which he exhibited every day of his life.

He left the Nixon Administration when the President reneged on a promise to defund Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" socialist programs. Howard lived by the principle that a man's word was his bond. He would accept nothing less.

His death is a major loss to those who wanted to see America return to its founding roots to regain her original success, power and prosperity.. His death is also a loss to America as a whole, which in turn is a loss to the world itself.

This writer was behind the scenes working to put him on the path to be president. His solid principles were firm. He would never be detoured from what was right for America. He was a very good and loyal friend.

I asked him if he would be willing to go on national TV and state what actions he would take, getting the U.S. out of the UN for one, and he said, 'yes.' I said to him, this could cost you your life. He responded that he was more than willing to take that chance and make that sacrifice for our country if necessary. He was a true patriot in every sense of the word and a man who loved America.

The viewing will be at the Money & King Funeral home in Vienna, Virginia on Saturday and Sunday, April 27-28. The funeral service will be at Smith Center of McClean Bible Church, on Monday April 29th.

Howard J. Phillips will be greatly missed. Nobody like him will walk this earth again, especially in the political world. Those who didn't get to know him missed out on a rare privilege indeed.

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