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I Want My Bone by David Herbertson March 9, 2017

I-want-my-bone.jpgMarch 2, 2017 I am in my 2nd week of recovery after having a total hip-replacement on Monday Feb. 20th.  A week before surgery the hospital does a pre-op and I had to sign many forms and regulations.  During my pre-op, I asked the lady if I could have my bone after surgery.  She looked at me like I was crazy and said “what for?”  I then proceeded to share with her my lighthearted plan about golf.  I told her I wanted to get my bone, paint it white and print “No bones about it” on the side and hang it from my golf cart mirror.  My plan was to negotiate a few extra strokes from my golfing buddies by using my hip-bone for sympathy.  Sounded like a great plan to me but I really didn’t think they would give me my bone.  She laughed and positively told me that no one gets to take home their parts.  It’s the law.  No harm, I made a try.


I went home and was cleaning up my E-Mails and ran across an article on MLB.Com entitled “Phil Hughes keeps his rib after surgery” Phil Hughes is a famous baseball pitcher for the Minnesota Twins and as he was being wheeled in for shoulder surgery asked his doctor if he could keep his rib.  “Anybody would ask to keep it” he said with a laugh.  “If they’re going to take a bone out of my body, I’m going to want it.”  The surgeon said no but when he came out of surgery, his wife said, “They gave it to me.”


I laughed and said, well now, if a famous baseball player can keep his rib, why can’t an old man down in Florida keep his hip-bone.  I’m going to have some more fun and I will give this article to my doctor before surgery and see what he says.  Why not try again to get my bone?  I printed out the article on Phil Hughes and hand wrote in a few comments at the bottom.


1.      If Phil Hughes can keep his bone

2.      If Planned Parenthood can slaughter innocent babies and harvest baby parts by the thousands

3.      Why can’t I have my bone?

4.      “I want to paint it white and hang it from my golf cart window to negotiate extra strokes from my golfing friends”


Simple enough.  Go for it Dave.  Have some fun.


But the real story now begins.  I am a Christian and I have always prayed for and sent money to support “Right to Life” issues.  I have marched in Washington D.C. at least five times since Roe V Wade became the law of the land in 1973.  But on Monday morning at 4 AM, I was awake and was praying about my hip surgery that was going to take place in a few hours.  God broke into my heart and began to awaken me to this issue called pain.  Somehow, He reminded me about my little note about Planned Parenthood that I wrote below the Phil Hughes article.  It seemed deep inside of me that God was waking my inner spirit about the unmerciful pain that these babies suffer at the hands of the evil abortion industry.  I started to think what it might be like to have my surgery today without any anesthetics.  What unbearable pain I would feel if Dr. Higgins cut into me and sawed off my bone while I was fully awake.  God then assured me that because of modern medicine I need not worry about any pain today during surgery but what about the thousands and thousands of my precious children that are being ripped and crushed in the womb without any protection.  I was crying and sobbing as God seemed to ask me to use my surgery as an opportunity to witness for Him and stand up for the unborn.


I got up and added some of my feelings to the article I wrote earlier.  It was no longer a lighthearted attempt to negotiate golf strokes.  This was serious business.  God was asking me to be a voice for the unborn.  And I am willing.


I gave the copy to Dr. Higgins and he read it and said he agreed with me and would consider it.  I didn’t get my bone but Dr. Higgins told me he took some great pictures that he would share with me.


In the three days that I was in the hospital I shared this story with 30 to 40 different individuals that came into my room.  Doctors, nurses, administration, food service, room cleaning and the Chaplain that came to pray for me heard about this evil taking place in America.  Now I am at home and have Home Health Care nurses and rehab people coming and I get to share my story.  God has given me an assignment and I intend to be obedient.


When I returned home Wednesday afternoon on Feb 22nd the first piece of mail I opened was from Mat Staver and Liberty Action.  I began to have tears flow down my cheeks and quietly sobbed as I read his three-page report on the need to defund Planned Parenthood and win some battles for these innocent babies that are savagely destroyed by the evil abortion industry.  The article ended with “David, it is up to you and me to stand up and speak for the unborn….”   I can only say one thing----Thank you God, that you would consider this old retired man in Brooksville, Florida to be worthy of being your spokesman for these precious little babies.


God is watching America.  He may be giving us another chance to change course on this evil practice.  Will America have the courage to allow good to win out over evil?


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