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I’m Calling Out the New Atheist God Haters to Put Up or Shut Up! by Don Boys, Ph.D. posted August 23, 2011

The New Atheists or New Barbarians as I describe them in my new book, The God Haters, have had a good run of bestselling books, televisions talk shows and generally very positive media coverage. Their goal is clear: legally prohibit any parent, pastor, or teacher from teaching that Hell is real and the exclusive way of personal salvation based on Christ’s death and resurrection. I would not obey such a state or federal law–not even if pigs learn to fly and shrimp learn to whistle!


I have no problem with atheists in general, many whom are kind, gracious, sincere gentleman–who happen to be wrong about the existence of God. I do have problems with New Atheists who are angry and asinine and arrogant who want to control what pastors, teachers, and parents teach children. The media should come to our defense in this instance since the same First Amendment that protects our rights also protects their right to publish newspapers and other forms of media. Will I receive any positive response to my book or this challenge as have all the New Atheist authors? We shall see.


It is time New Atheists like Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, Harris and Co. are called upon to “put up or shut up.” Will the New Atheists take the challenge from a simple Christian? I challenge atheists to leave their ivory towers, lecture halls, etc., to put up or shut up.


Tell us that you do or do not believe the unsupportable, even outrageous teaching that nothing created everything. I promise not to laugh out loud–maybe only a snicker or two. And don’t try to flimflam us common people with scientific jargon, but make your points in clear English.


Tell us how all the scientific laws evolved such as gravity, inertia, the First and Second Laws, laws of planetary motion, etc. How does a scientific law evolve? If they did not evolve, where did they come from?


Did the evolution of those laws precede or follow the Big Bang?


Can you provide any example of an explosion resulting in order?


Tell us how life first formed on this planet made up entirely of rock? All atheists want to sit down beside Darwin’s warm little pond and watch the first forms of life, but I demand to know much more than that if I’m expected to consider the idea has any possibility.


Do you, or do you not, believe in spontaneous generation? No honest scientist will agree to that fable.


Where are the ancestors of insects?


Why are meteorites not found in ancient rocks? Could it be that the rocks are not ancient?


Tell us how men and women evolved at the same time in history at the same location? What if “early man” had been all male!


Which evolved first, the mouth, the stomach, the digestive system or the elimination system? What good is a mouth if there is no stomach or a digestive system and what good are the three without an elimination system?


Tell us why we are here and where we go when death finally comes for us? Why have people all over the Earth since the beginning of time been concerned with that concept?


What happens if you are wrong and I am right? After all, any real scholar will admit that possibility.


Since the God of the Bible is real and eternity is in everyone’s future, don’t you think it might be wise and safe to consider this issue more carefully? If it is only possible that there is a sovereign, all-powerful God out there, then that is the most staggering truth ever faced by any mortal, and that truth will affect every person on the face of the Earth.


Is atheism really worth the risk? Eternity is a long time to be wrong. If I am wrong about eternity then it costs me nothing, but if atheists are wrong, they have lost everything, including their souls.

Copyright 2011, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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