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Let the Sunshine In by David Herbertson, February 7, 2018

Let-the-Sunshine-In.pngJohn 3:19 "This is the judgement, that the light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light, for their deeds were evil.”

Beneath the streets of our major cities run the sewer systems and all the rats and rodents that thrive in this darkness.  Open a man-hole cover or go down and shine a bright light and you will observe that the rats are running for cover.  They love darkness - they hate light.


This past week our congress (Republicans) and our President took the courageous step to release “the memo”.  Exposing the corruption that permeates our government will take a lot of strength and courage.  As this “memo” exposes the corruption we see the ones that hate sunlight begin to squirm and make statements that attempt to discredit the truth.  This is only the beginning.  Americans are beginning to standup and demand that they be given truth and not lies and deception.


For the past two years our news media has reported daily on the “possible” collusion of President Donald Trump with Russia.  Why does our news media and investigators concentrate on this aspect of the past election and never report on the facts that we have hundreds of communist and socialist sitting in the halls of congress and in our state and local governments that “leak” whatever they please to our enemies and to the completely biased media?  Let the sunlight shine and expose the Russian collaborators that sit in congress and pass laws to destroy America.  If President Donald Trump has broken the law, he too must be exposed.


Please read “The Enemies Within” by Trevor Loudon and “The Big Lie” by Dinesh D’Souza and you will learn about these members of our government and their relationships to people and organizations that wish to destroy our freedom, destroy our faith in God, destroy our families and ultimately destroy America.  We need more sunlight on this subject.


I contend that we should open all the books—all the so called “secrets” and let the best disinfectant known to man—Sunshine—expose our corrupt government.


Perhaps a good place to begin would be to trace the flow of the $28 Billion that George Soros has contributed in the last year to his hundred or more groups that are working to destroy America.  Let us see which politicians have grown their bank accounts above and beyond the reported incomes they receive.  Let’s see who is taking money and bribes and becoming multi-millionaires as they sit in congress for decades.  (Nancy Pelosi--$80 Million net worth?? Where did this money come from?)


Let’s open the books and stop the secrecy that has allowed our tax-payer dollars to pay for the cover-up of congressional sex scandals.  Let the sunlight in.


And speaking about darkness.  Did you see the Democratic Party at the State of the Union?   They really need to get out in the sun.  All dressed in black with ash white faces of gloom.  They looked like they were at a funeral instead of a celebration about America.  They looked a lot like the fourth horse of Revelation which was pale and represented death.  I guess it really represents them well since just last week they voted in unison to stop the passage of a bill that would limit abortions to 20 weeks.  They do not care one bit about the precious little children that are being ripped apart and experiencing this torture.  They love death – they hate life.


Just so you don’t think that I am blind to what my party affiliation has done to destroy our country I want to share what the three Chief Supreme Justices did over the years in putting into place the worst decisions ever made in America.


1.      Chief Justice Earl Warren (Republican) – His court voted 8-1 to remove prayer and Bibles from our schools.

2.      Chief Justice Warren Burger (Republican) – His court voted 7-2  to make abortion legal (Roe V Wade) that has resulted in over 60 million babies being murdered since 1973.

3.      Chief Justice John Roberts (Republican) – He was the deciding vote in passing the socialist plan of taking over our healthcare system through Obamacare.


America would be a different nation if these laws had not been forced on us by people with anti-God agendas.  Our children have grown up without the spiritual advice that is needed in their early years of education.  We are reaping the rewards of these failures as the news clearly shows us every day.


Why is it so difficult for Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch to obtain FOIA reports that are supposed to be legally available to all Americans?  It is because the “swamp” loves darkness and hates light.  In the past year a few holes have opened in the shield of darkness and a record number of politicians have been exposed and “retired” or decided not to seek re-election.  Some of them deserve to be put in prison.


Let’s change the rules and laws and allow the sunshine in and expose all the corrupt politicians on both sides of the isle.  Then let people with integrity stand up and run for office and allow the hard working, honest American majority to make good decisions about who will represent us in government.  We don’t want socialists and communists running our country.  We desire freedom.


Let’s see who has the strength and integrity to stand against the temptation to accept bribes for their votes and expose the truth about organizations like the ACLU and SPLC that wish to destroy America.


Perhaps it is time to put cameras and recorders in every meeting room in government and let America watch and listen to their elected representatives do business.  Sunshine is a powerful disinfectant and it alone will allow us to “Drain the Swamp”.


Thank you, President Trump, for allowing America to see “the memo”.  This is a good start but please don’t stop here.  Open the doors and windows and let the sunshine come in so that “We the People” can once again be proud about America.


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