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News and society articles by Rev Michael Bresciani - American

Americas Problems Foreign and Domestic – The Combined Speeds Factor Oct 2006

America - United We Stand Divided We Are Nov 13, 2006

Political Correctness – The Liberal Brand of Censorship Dec 2006

Global Warming and People of Faith May 2007

Tyranny Terror and Moral Relativism - America's Shifting Battlefronts July 2007

American Morality - A Study in the Lesser of Two Evils Aug 2007

What Ever Happened to Dignity: The Itching of America May 2009

America: In the Beginning of Sorrows May 2009

Obama Concealment of Birth Certificate: Tainting His Presidency? July 2009

The Race Card - The Hidden Ace of the Cheater? July 2009

Angry Prez Gives Cambridge Cops the Old One-Two-Three July 2009

Jihadists at the Hilton: Are Man Made Disasters Next? July 2009

Semantics and Race not Part of Birthers Plight Aug 2009

Rumors of a Civilized World – The Taunting Osama Sept 2009


Politically Correct Catchwords We Hide Behind Feb 20, 2010

Tolerance and diversity: The Brain Eaters Mar 16, 2010


The high cost of free speech - When honesty is outlawed May 29, 2010


Using the First Amendment to Create a Shameless Nation Mar 7, 2011


Obama: Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies April 2, 2011


Can Obama 'Win the Future' at the expense of Our Past? Apr 3, 2011

Families of 9/11 Victims Knocking on America’s Door August 31, 2011

People, President, Prophet, Pope - VS - Anarchy, Unrest and Tons of Dope Oct 27, 2011

Aurora: A Fractured Society makes a Fraternity of Fools not a Nation July 22, 2012

New York, Cairo and Libya - From Nonsense to Madness September 18, 2012

Mr. O’Reilly, Wise Up – ‘Bible Thumper’ is a derogatory term April 3, 2013

America: 40 years Preparing to Live without God - How’s that Going? April 7, 2013

Political Correctness in America – The Streamlining of Evil April 12, 2013

The American Prophet ‘Most and Least’ Awards for 2014-15 February 7, 2015

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