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Nobel Prize to Deny God? - Yep by Rev. Austin Miles, Posted October 11, 2013

subatomic.JPGSTOCKHOLM -Another strange Nobel Prize has just been awarded, this time to two scientists whose goal it was and is, to deny God. 

The atheists have become so desperate to disprove God that their urgency to do so suggests the panic that only the devil himself would express during these last days.

We are approaching the finish line of time - limited  time for the enemy to take as many away from God  as possible. And there seems to be no end to the means being exercised to accomplish Satan's goals in his final skirmish against God.

A "Nobel Prize" for physics was given to atheist scientists, Peter Higgs of Britain and Francois Englert of Belgium yesterday, Tuesday 10/8/13,  for "explaining" how matter formed after the Big Bang.

The results, the scientists saith, provided the fundamental building blocks of the universe that were merged together, gaining mass and forming everything we see around us today. That would include soil, grass, trees, flowers, animals, fish and humans with their intricate DNA  not to mention the sun, moon and planets orbiting each other continually with perfect timing in endless space.

The Associated Press stated that the physicists offered "PROOF" that their theory was valid. That appears to be a careless usage of words, to put it mildly.

And how did this :"proof" surface?  First of all, the scientists involved managed to raise and spend $10 billion dollars to build a "Particle Collider." which would be the world's biggest atom smasher, built in a 17 mile tunnel under the Swiss-French border. That is 10 BILLION dollars, with a B.

The goal was to find a subatomic particle that would be called, The Higgs Boson, but became better known as, The God Particle, from whence everything sprung.

This, of course would  mean that it was all spontaneous combustion, there was no higher intelligence involved....yep...God does not exist,  and this settles it.

Ten Billion Dollars spent in an effort to disprove the existence of God. Think how far that amount of money would go to improve education, communities, cities, libraries, museums, and the lives of so many.

But the AP says they found "proof." After so much time--pounding, boiling, smashing and cooking elements, one is bound to come up with a possible simile of the thing they are looking for, but it is only that - not "proof."

Yet, the Marxist press is all over that so-called discovery, to deceive people in an effort to persuade them to abandon their religious beliefs and faith. It is an old story.

Then again, billions of dollars more has been spent on space exploration. Some of that which is used for commercial projects including satellites for communications is understandable. However, questions arise over trips to Mars, for one, where they seem determined to find water, mud that might indicate that the planet once had water which, of course, would mean that human life had once existed and was sustained there. What they are trying to prove is a huge stretch.

That appears to be a major purpose of space exploration. [To] show that  life once existed on other planets would, they think, knock out the story of God's Creation of the earth and people would turn away from God.

The atheists want God out of sight, no public displays of Christianity nor public worship. With God out of sight, they think, they are safe. But they are the ones being deceived. God will not cease to exist, even if mention of him is squelched and in many cases, forbidden in public.

Atheists who mock God and display their disbelief in Him, WILL believe in Him when each one takes his or her last breath, and is suddenly at the judgment seat of God, which will be for them, a terrifying moment. 

Both believers and unbelievers will appear before that seat. For believers it will be joy unspeakable and full of glory as they go to the blissful eternity that God has prepared for them since the beginning of time.

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