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Obama’s Promoting Homosexuality was Foolish, Faulty, Final, and Fatal! Don Boys, May 21, 2012

President Obama committed political suicide when he climbed in bed with the homosexual crowd (figuratively, I hope). It doesn’t matter whether he was following an orchestrated script or not. The results are the same. American liberal politicians have been sniffing around this issue for many years, but now it is official, and that could be dangerous for Obama and America. God is not pleased and it is a dangerous thing to displease a sovereign, holy God! Look at Sodom!


It is trite but true that God destroyed Sodom because of the sin of perversion. Genesis 19 clearly records that the whole city was given over to sodomy. When the majority of the city supported perversion, God destroyed the city. America, watch out! We are ripe for ruin!

We could be there today, especially when so many politicians, media personalities, and now the official representative of all Americans have chosen to disobey God, deny the Scriptures, and defy common sense. They are saying that sodomy is acceptable and respectable, but God says it is abominable and reprehensible. 


The above statement is always rebutted with anger and accusations, but no answers from the pro-homosexual crowd. I want to engage in a sane, sensible, scholarly, even Scriptural discussion, but my critics refuse to provide any answers. Everyone knows that a Christian Fundamentalist cannot be sensible and carry on an intellectual discussion, and that is true in spades if he is from Georgia! He must also always possess a red neck along with a toothless grin. Does that mean Georgian Herman Cain must have a red neck? I challenge my critics to eschew vulgar accusations, since they won’t be read, and deal with the facts in this and my subsequent column. Let’s have some light, not heat, in the discussion of homosexuality.   


The President’s promotion of perversion is built upon a very faulty foundation as the following stark, shocking, and serious facts prove. These facts will be helpful for all Americans to know. Remember that everyone has a right to his own opinion but no one has a right to his own facts, not even Obama!


People with integrity accept facts even if those facts bruise their opinions.  There are a few honest, informed homosexuals who will agree with all the following points! Most of the media are too cowardly to recognize, accept, or publish the following truths:


Homosexuals are not “born that way,” and any study of the facts will support that; however, most politicians, pundits, psychologists, and preachers are too lazy or bigoted to learn and accept the truth. Even the very pro-homosexual American Psychological Association has returned to reality and in the last few months declared: “There are no scientific findings that a person is born homosexual.” One of their brochures declares: “There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops s heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian orientation.” There is no “gay gene.” 


Contrary to the dishonest, leftist propaganda, once into the pathetic lifestyle homosexuals can escape. A recent comprehensive study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy determined that “some people can indeed move from homosexuality to heterosexuality, and that harm is unlikely to result from such efforts."


Homosexuals do recruit as classic studies prove. In fact, about half of the adult homosexuals were seduced into perversion before age 14. Homosexuals molest young boys far more than heterosexuals molest girls; however, both are reprehensible.  Psychiatrist Gene G. Abel, M.D., found that homosexuals "sexually molest young boys with an incidence that is occurring five times greater than the molestation of girls." Abel is a former Columbia professor and is now at Emory University School of Medicine and Morehouse School of Medicine and has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health for his investigation of sexual violence.


Furthermore, according to two homosexual activists, 73% of all homosexuals have preyed on adolescent or younger boys. Yet, we are told that homosexuals don’t molest little boys! That’s a fairy story.


Abel’s astounding data show that for every homosexual pedophile offender, about 150 boys are molested whereas about 20 girls are molested per heterosexual pedophile offender. Both heterosexual and homosexual predators should be executed, but since the bleating hearts (Democrat and Republican) are more obsessed with the villain rather than the victim, we may have to settle for life in the slammer. All right, to satisfy the radical leftists, how about a real hard slap on the wrists?


It is also telling that the media do their best to separate pedophilia from homosexuality such as the horrific scandal in the Roman Catholic Church and in other mainline protestant denominations. The vicious predators are never identified as homosexuals, only pedophiles. All homosexuals are not pedophiles, even though most are. And it is worse to be a pedophile, and I think still worse to be a homosexual pedophile. What do you think?

(Boys’ next column will be “Will Any Sane Person Defend Homosexual Practices?”)


Copyright 2012, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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