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On the Impeachment still in Search of a Reason by Curtis Dahlgren, December 20, 2019

impeachment-searching-for-a-reason-sm.jpg[Some thoughts I posted on Facebook on the "historic" day]


When the chaplain found out what was going on, he probably prayed for the country, not Congress (et tu, San Fran Nan?). Protests? Even muggers are protesting for more parks (some lines adapted from "Ronald Reagan, the Notes"). There is nothing wrong with the House that trying to reason with them won't aggravate. I'm not saying some of them should be in mental institutions, but if they were, they wouldn't be let out. The FBI made 17 "mistakes" in their collusion probe; Nancy's just made another one. 


Did the previous administration spy on the Trump campaign? Every time he sneezes, the chandelier says "Gesundheit"! He shouldn't worry about the government being overthrown; there's too much of it. The Swamp Empire strikes back. On the last page, we win!


Politicians are actually trusted - if you compare them to the news media. Hillary thought the path to glory would lead to the gravy. Her slogan was "May the best woman win." She changed it to "What happened?" Hunter Biden said "I cannot tell a lie, father." President Biden says, "If you can't make up a better story than that, I'm going to disown you." When politicians come to a parting of the ways, some try to go both ways.


A congressman's son asked his mother why dad brings home so much paperwork. "He has so much work he can't get it done during the day," she says. The first grader says, "Why don't they put him in a slower group?" A voter told a GOP Senator he wouldn't vote for him if he were St. Peter. The Senator says, "If I were St. Peter, I wouldn't be in your state."


If money can talk, ask it "What happened?" Washington didn't tell a lie, but his picture is on a 30-cent dollar bill. He'd be disappointed with us; it costs millions now just to get beat.

The good news is, God is still in control. The bad news is, He's ticked off!! Campaign posters should have disclaimers: "Voting for this person may be hazardous to your health, wealth, and well-being."


Trump voters are people too you know. They work for the government without taking a civil service exam like the rest of the country. I've seen parking meters with more compassion than the Socialist-Democrats. But the dagger they're trying to stab Trump in the back with is made of balsa wood. So is a boomerang.

Some days it looks like the world is going crazy. Other days it's obvious. One guy said that if you gave him the world on a silver platter, he'd take the platter.


P.S. Seriously, "folks," here's an actual quotation:


"The greatest danger is that the decision will be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties than by a real demonstration of innocence or guilt." - Alexander Hamilton


PPS: If George Washington had had his druthers, we wouldn't have had parties. Just Americans.


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