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Politics and commentary articles by Rev Michael Bresciani - American Prophet.org

Chickens Allowed in House Judiciary Feb 15, 2007

Forget Politically Correct - Check out Politically Ignorant Aug 5, 2007

Can the 2008 Election be won by a Slogan? May 2008


Dem's Divas Destiny and Darkness May 2008

Why Secular Liberalism Always Creates Contradiction - U.S. and EU Top Offenders Jan 27, 2009

Daily Kos, Factcheck and Snopes or How to Vet a Presidential Candidate Feb 2009

Ancient Law of Millstones vs. New House Bill H.R. 1913 May 2009

America it is very late - Do you know where your Congressman is? July 2009

Change That No One Can Believe In - Is it Politics or Prophecy July 2009

Obama - The gods Must Be Crazy Aug 2009

U.S. Rep Joe Wilson and Quantum Physics - Why Doesn't the President See This? Sept 2009


Why Parents Don’t Want Obama to Address their Children Oct 2009


Barack Obama Versus the Law of Sooner or Later Oct 17, 2009


O'Reilly Baits Palin to Be-fringe Birthers - She Won't Bite Feb 17, 2010


Dem's ignore rules, constitution, and the people - The prophetic will not be ignored Mar 22, 2010


Healthcare now, amnesty next: Good for the country or vote tallying for 2012? Mar 24, 2010


July 4, 2010, fireworks provided by John Boehner and Barack Obama July 2, 2010


Fire Crew $75 - No-doc Domestic $23hr - Jobless politicians, a dime a dozen Oct 10, 2010


The Mid-Term Election Wars of 2010: Has Intelligence Been Wounded? Oct 24, 2010


Pot at the Polls, Tea in the Bay, and Destiny at the Door Oct 28, 2010


Obama: Sanction Israel? - Mr. Yes We Can, Reneges Jan 27, 2011


7 Reasons America Needs Sarah Palin In 2012 Jan 27, 2011


Karl Rove's Incredible Comparison Feb 19, 2011


The 2012 Elections and the 'Twenty Million Factor' Apr 27, 2011


2012 Presidential Choices - When Lincolnesque is Not a Luxury Apr 27, 2011

Obama: The Half of my Kingdom for a Birth Certificate? Apr 30, 2011


Prez on Bibi - Will the Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up? May 31, 2011

Sarah Palin: America’s Real Frontrunner; Still on the Back Burner? June 17, 2011

Obama: Not sure what he stands for? – Do know who he stands with! July 28, 2011

Understanding change we can believe in - Obama Doctrine for Dummies Sept 29, 2011

More Than Winning - Can the GOP Candidates Mend the Divide? Oct 15, 2011

Palestinians: Did Gingrich Get it Right? December 14, 2011

Ron Paul: Iowa’s Confusion - America’s Ross Perot? December 29, 2011

Independent and Undecided Voters are now Cleared for Landing January 13, 2012

Politics, Prophecy and the Santorum Factor March 9, 2012

Tale of Two Campaigns – The Slogan of 2008 -The Acronym of 2012 March 12, 2012

Santorum – ‘When in the Course of Human Events’ March 16, 2012

Will Believers Tip the 2012 Election? April 4, 2012

The GOP Nomination and the Other Side of the Frying Pan April 6, 2012

Lying by Omission – The Latest Obama Campaign Tool July 11, 2012

Indirect Deaths by Candidates – Are Obama’s Hands Clean? Posted August 10, 2012

November 6, 2012 an Election or a Last Chance? – Check Your Clock America! August 12, 2012

Obama’s Three Great Foot in Mouth Proclamations Posted August 15, 2012

Obama Campaign Sinks to New Low – Scare Our Seniors to Death August 17, 2012

Obama: RNC in black and white TV? – DNC in Rainbow, Red and Luciferian Black September 4, 2012

Best Advice for DNC Conventioneers - Watch Out For Cloud to Ground Lightning September 7, 2012

Eye Candy on the View – Am-dad at the UN – America on the Rocks September 27, 2012

How Would Lincoln Vote in the 2012 Election? October 22, 2012

Barack or the Bible – No Contest October 29, 2012

Obama Triumphs - The Worst is Yet to Come November 9, 2012

Barack Obama: A Case of Identity Crisis January 5, 2013

Obama 2013 Inaugural Speech – The Violable Vision of the Un-vetted January 23, 2013

Colin Powell is Right – Sometimes our Questions are Idiotic February 5, 2013

Raising American Beauties – Gardening with the Father of Lies April 20, 2013

Obama’s Change – A Brand of Evil June 30, 2013

Doubting Dubious Obama – It’s about His Record not His Race August 20, 2013

Christians – Ignore the present political scene at your own peril January 31, 2014

Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton: “Benghazi a corpse” – Upgrading from Insulting to Abusive May 3, 2014

‘Tiptoe thru the Tulips’ with John Kerry, Jimmy Carter and Uncle Joe Biden Posted September 5, 2014

Cruz Announcement at LU – Reaganesque Offering to a Crippled Nation March 24, 2015

The ‘Magnificent Nine’ Provide a Litmus Test for all the 2016 Presidential Candidates June 30, 2015

Gov. Bobby Jindal to Hannity – “I invite Americans to join a cause not a campaign.” July 5, 2015

Dem’s Desperately Digging for Dirt on the Donald – The Birther Revival? July 31, 2015

GOP Debate: Between the Serious and the Circus August 8, 2015

Six Reasons to Honestly Doubt the Donald – Let’s Not Do 2008 Again August 11, 2015

Mr. Trump: A Rolex Watch is Not a Moral Compass August 15, 2015

Endless Candidates – Wooing Us to the Post Obama Wasteland? August 19, 2015

“Make America Great Again” – A Promise Donald Trump Cannot Keep August 23, 2015

Five Negative Articles – Is there Life after Trump? August 28, 2015

Trump - Our Faith Filled David with a Slingshot – Or the Bragging King of Babylon? September 17, 2015

7 Easy Questions for the Donald that Even an “Apprentice” Could Answer September 22, 2015

CNBC Debate: Cruz breaks up MSM – Unifies Candidates October 29, 2015

The American Voter – Smarter than a Fifth Grader? November 12, 2015

Prez Raps While Americans Line up as Sheep to the Slaughter December 8, 2015

Ted Cruz: A Founding Father Returned? December 22, 2013

Has Conservative Media Already Chosen their Candidate? December 29, 2015

Trump’s Billions a Flimsy Foundation January 1, 2016

Trump a Phenomenon or a Fantasy – Will the Election of 2016 Be Won by Another Slogan? January 21, 2016

Donald Trump Does Not Represent Christ, Christians or the Bible January 25, 2016

Is There a Test by Which Christians can choose the Best Candidate? January 29, 2016

Report Card: The Donald Does Not Play Well with Other Children January 30, 2016

Donald Trump a Poor Substitute for What America Really Needs? February 5, 2016

Top Twelve Reasons not to give the GOP Nomination to Donald Trump February 9, 2016

Donald Trump: Victim of a Most Serious Deception? February 12, 2016

Trump Reduces Political Debate to Childhood - “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire” February 16, 2016

Evangelicals Help Trump – Who is Helping the Evangelicals? February 23, 2016

Before you punch someone in the face – At least look “Presidential” February 25, 2016

Trump Betrays Israel – Christian support of Trump is now direct defiance against God February 26, 2016

Slippery Tuesday – Donald Trump Pushes Hillary Closer to Victory March 2, 2016

Christian Post and Top Online Sites - Warning Against Trump March 4, 2016

Eric Trump to Greta on the Trump University Scam – “It’s a Small Thing” March 10, 2016

Why Neither Riches Nor Rich Men - Can Save America March 10, 2016

Trump Rally Comes Dangerously Close to Trump Riot – Anger breeds more anger March 12, 2016

Twenty percent of Trump followers OK with slavery – A return to darkness? March 18, 2016

Statesman or Phenom – America Clamors for a King March 23, 2016

Trump Takes but Gives Nothing Back to America – Three Clear Examples March 29, 2016

Donald Trump’s Actual Net Worth is slightly over $160.00 April 19, 2016

Trump OK with Men in Women’s Bathrooms - Wants to be President? April 22, 2016

Mr. Trump: The Glory that was Rome is of Another Day May 10, 2016

Mr. Trump, Why are You Hiding Your Tax Returns? May 16, 2016

The Other Donald Trump: What’s Love Got to Do with It? June 4, 2016

Really America! – Which Candidate is most likely to Stop More Jihadist Attacks? June 16, 2016

Trump’s List of Spiritual Advisors – Impressive! June 23, 2016

The Single All Important Difference between Hillary and Trump July 6, 2016

The Offense not Noticed at the Republican Convention July 21, 2016

Hillary – There are No Jobs for the Dead! July 30, 2016

A Kind, Reasoned and Scriptural Call to the Never Trump Voters August 9, 2016

Hillary Dips to New Low, Labels Trump and Millions of Americans – Racists and Nazis August 27, 2016

Hillary – It takes a village to raise a child - and $2 billion to elect a liar September 2, 2016

Decision 2016 – Will America Die as a Fool Dies? September 5, 2016

What Debate? – Hillary’s View of Life and Death Says it All September 24, 2016

Hillary’s Candidacy – Clear Evidence of American Decline September 30, 2016

Is it Time for Never Trumpers to Follow the Lead of Sen. Ted Cruz? October 6, 2016

America’s Security - In the hands of one who could not guard a few emails? October 8, 2016

Debate results in: Hillary for Hillary – Donald Trump for America October 10, 2016

Final Warnings are in Order – No Recovery from a Hillary Administration October 12, 2016

The land of high perversion and dead babies goes self-righteous on Trump October 13, 2016

Chairman Mao’s America – We Still Have a Choice, The Chinese Did Not October 15, 2016

The Tale of Two Hillarys’ – And One Donald Trump October 20, 2016

Hillary and the Fall of a Once Great Nation October 23, 2016

Is Voting for Hillary - A vote to kill five million perfectly healthy babies? October 27, 2016

Hillary: Ripping the Nation Apart Under the Banner of ‘Togetherness’ October 28, 2016

No Mystery: Hillary is the Shadowy Past – Trump is Hope for the Future October 31, 2016

Republicans: This is Not Sunday School – Stand up for Your Country November 2, 2016

Presidential Choices 101 – Lies, corruption and scandals do not a president make! November 3, 2016

Hillary’s Attack Ads – Open to Serious Scrutiny November 5, 2016

Mid Term Elections, Kavanaugh and Apathetic Christians – A Do or Die Election? September 26, 2018

Pray Like Never Before and then Get Up and Vote October 8, 2018

Do Midterm results indicate that America is still in Decline? November 7, 2018

The Deep Hypocrisy of Pelosi, Schumer and the Left – Death Throes of a Nation January 21, 2019

Our National Crackpots Say there is No National Crisis! – Reprobation or Mental Illness? March 22, 2019

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