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Sandusky Homosex Case Tip of the Iceberg! by Rev. Austin Miles, Posted June 15, 2012

6-5-12-Jerry-Sandusky.jpgAs the sordid details of the homosexual child rape cases unfold involving Coach Jerry Sandusky at Pennsylvania State University, millions of victims re-live their own abuse horrors. There is no punishment too severe to be meted out to such offenders.


And where was Sandusky's wife during all of this? Reason would dictate that when various little boys would frequently come to their home and sleep with him in the basement, suspicions would be harbored.


Then the bigger question; why did nobody question this much sooner at Penn State?  The little boys he coaxed into showers with him, clearly did not belong in a Penn State locker room and  were obviously out of place at that facility. Why was he allowed to continue that activity for so long?


Victims of this kind of child abuse are altered forever with lives that will never be the same. Many find themselves unable to establish and maintain any kind of relationship as they grow older. Many turn to drinking and drugs while others develop, “The Stockholm Syndrome," where the victims become protective of their captors. Many of the injured live with all of the above.


Such was the case of a man abused in his youth by a homosexual named, John Brockdorf, who managed to maneuver his way into a position as Den Leader of Cub Scout Troop # 62 in Salinas, California in 1946-47.


Remarkably, Brockdorf had likeable facial features similar to Sandusky and who possessed an athletic build and appearance.


Brockdorf skillfully determined which boys in the troop were not close to their parents and the grooming began, as these children were not likely to tell their parents who in most cases would blame their child, not the abuser.


Brockdorf forcibly sexualized one 11 year old cub scout in his care, tearing the boy's rectum in the process, exposing raw nerves, causing such severe pain that the defenseless kid would cry when he went to the bathroom. The wound never healed.


As more little boys were quietly abused, the word got out that there was something suspicious about Brockdorf who fled the area and got a job in New York City as a travel guide for young people.


He immediately scoped out his next sex toy who WAS able to tell his parents who called police. Brockdorf was arrested, a trial held, and the predator was jailed. He died in prison, possibly at the hands of other prisoners.


In the midst of the Sandusky trial, Obama proclaimed his endorsement of "same-sex marriage," (?)  which added extra injury to victims who see the president as well as the government itself favoring and encouraging the out-of-control, destructive conduct that has brought them such pain.


In today's newspaper, other stories regarding sexual attacks on children by adults in positions of trust are reported, with exploiters including school teachers. One of those is a lesbian Moraga (CA) Middle School P.E. teacher, Julie Correa who molested underage student, Kristen Cunnane for four years beginning when she was 14. Correa was finally tried and sentenced to 8 years in prison. Finally, after attempted cover-ups.


Meanwhile, an organization called, NAMBLA (The North American Man-Boy Love Association) meet in public libraries, and backed by the ACLU, plot how to institute a new law that would allow older men to legally have sex with little boys who have no choice. It is to be noted that these same public libraries will not allow their meeting rooms to be used for Bible Study (even though the Bible is literature) or any kind of Christian meeting or service.


These stalkers who go after children should be promptly arrested, convicted and never again be allowed to enjoy a breath of free air. A brainwashed politically correct public has declared that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Yes there is along with any sexual aggression. There is such a thing as responsible sex.


Unwanted sex forced upon anyone is a crime and must be punished to the full extent of the law. Congress is urged to step up to the plate to protect our children...NOW.


Rev. Austin Miles, an active chaplain in Northern California, has dealt with many victims of homosexual rape and abuse and has witnessed first-hand the devastating effect it has on those betrayed as children. Tougher measures of prevention must be implemented.

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Photo Caption: Jerry Sandusky arrives for Trial

Photo Credit: Christian Science Monitor

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