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Shootout at CP Corral-Atheists Outed by Rev. Austin Miles, Posted Dec 26, 2012

gunslinger.jpgTo glean the responses to the stories in Christian Post is to psychologically imprint a distinct image that CP is a news site of interest only to atheists, communists, gay rights advocates and Obama-backing Democrats. They are the ones who respond while the Christians seem to be missing in action.

Christians are afraid to stand up with a writer defending the faith since that might result in them being criticized as well. Can't take a chance with that y' know.

Stories about God and His miraculous work automatically provoke a meteor shower of attacks including character assassination. Particular panic burned the keyboards as the Christmas stories began to appear.

The bulldozing responses to each one by this writer have consisted of such noisy nuances, loud clattering and explosive rhetoric that I could barely hear the choirs on the radio singing, "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men."

The letters are vicious, abusive, and insulting. So much so that as one editor told me, many of the writers cannot take the attacks and stop writing for the site. Sad.

There is one misfit who has stalked me over the web and fired his cannon at me from the first story I wrote for CP. Eventually I decided to begin answering some of those.

When I published the story of a mall kicking out the infant Jesus, cradle and all, from the creche display, my most persistent critic, who ridicules me for, as he puts it, “talking to your imaginary friend in the sky," mockingly wrote, "Surely his absence from the cradle was the work of Satan."

He was checkmated with this response: "I absolutely did NOT accuse you or even SUGGEST that YOU had anything to do with the disappearance of the Baby Jesus in the cradle."

It is clearly observed that the responses from the atheists are mostly unintelligible with glaring errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization of names, and especially spelling, confusing 'there' with 'their,' 'to' and 'too.' 'your and 'you're.' In short the education level of these responders is obviously extremely low.

However, they are always out there in the national media with responses and letters to the editor to push their point and agenda, which is to rid America of Christianity and the church to pave the way for a Communist society.

Communists give 33% of their income to The Party to further the goals of Socialism. Meanwhile, Christians are reluctant to give 10 % of their earnings to further the work of the church. The Communists show that they are more dedicated to their cause than the Christians are to theirs. This is scandalous.

The Marxists are basically ignorant, brainwashed "Useful Idiots" (as Stalin described them,) and actually believe Communism is the ideal society even though it has been proved a failure throughout the world where it was instituted. However, they have been well-schooled when it comes to using words, even misspelled ones.

When NRA President, Wayne LaPierre suggested arming school teachers, which has stopped school violence in Israel, a Texas Town and others, the liberal press describes his proposal as "Delusional." This is typical of descriptions they apply to Christians and Conservatives in an attempt to discredit them and their ideas.

Especially, when the goal is to totally disarm all Americans, making them defenseless so that Obama, under Executive Privilege, can declare himself Dictator for Life as did Adolf Hitler, and Russia after first disarming the country.

One Christian stood with me regarding a story with solid documentation of Obama's war on Christianity which received wild protest; Rev. Michael Bresciani, an excellent writer who hosts this website;

Two other Christians have sent a response supporting me in the tsunami of attacks against me, and that was it. The rest of the time I stood alone.

“But As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)

And that is with no regard to the cost, including enduring verbal assaults, criticism and insults from those who hate God along with some Christians. (!)


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