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You may submit articles to The American Prophet Website by sending an email containing your article with an attached Word document. Please write 'submission' and your name on the subject line of your email. Send to

Editorial Needs and General Policy: Please only submit material that is in general keeping with the underlying purpose of the website. We accept material about Christianity, politics, theology, Bible messages, reviews of books movies etc, stories of encouragement, heroism patriotism and life in America. (Sorry for now, no fiction, please) If you have any doubt, acquaint yourself with the categories that are always listed on the AP homepage.

Don’t ever send material that is not original or is copyrighted by someone other than you. We will not publish anything that is totally contrary to our statement of faith. We are not contrary to anyone who professes Christ as Lord whether Catholic or protestant but we cannot promote the particular doctrines of your denomination. We will not acknowledge every article sent, you will know your material has been used when you see it on site.

Publishing frequency: We cannot accept every submission for publication but we will pick submissions that meet the editorial needs of the site and for their journalistic qualities. Don’t be discouraged even if your initial submissions are not used, keep submitting. Remember any material published will remain permanently archived as long as the site exists. People may refer to your work at all times through our Various Authors page.

Content: Absolutely no profane of foul language or hate materials will be used. No anti American, anti Christian or anti Jewish materials. Use good taste and be respectful even if your material may be controversial. Keep the word count reasonable 500 to 2500 plus or minus words, please. No commercial or fund raising materials will be accepted.

Style: Please use standard Times New Roman 12pt or Verdana fonts with standard spacing. Title at the top, no need for the date (we will use the posted date) but do put your name at the bottom of the article.

Bio: Put all biographical material at the bottom of your article using 3-5 lines of material with a link back to your website (preferred) or your email, if you do not have a website.

Links: Hyperlinks within the article are OK but please limit them to only one or two. If the hyperlink leads to something that is not related to your article or that is purely commercial it will be removed as a hyperlink although the typed copy will remain. Absolutely no links will be accepted if they lead to x-rated or harmful websites.

Pictures: One or possibly two photos are OK but they must be sent as a separate attachment along with your article not on the article itself. Thumbnails preferred. No banners, ads or copyrighted art or photos, please. You need not send any pictures and that would assure a speedier and more seamless editorial process.

Common Sense Please: Keep paragraphs reasonable 5-10 lines, big paragraphs lose readers attention. (They need time to think) Use spell checker and check your punctuation before submission. No underlines and almost no bold type are acceptable, use italics for emphasis or quotes. Stay on subject rambling is OK but, within reason.

We will edit any spellings that you have missed and some punctuation if needed, but no content will be added or deleted without your written permission. Don’t ask us to lift your articles from off your website or emails. Please submit directly to us. If you are quoting someone (in accordance with fair use) please provide the date and source of your quote for our sakes and yours.

Republishing: Your material will never be sold or given to others for publication or any use and all requests to use your articles will be sent directly to you. Unless otherwise specified your material will be marked as copyrighted and others will not be invited to re-publish without your express permission.

Your Opinions: When your work is published (Made public online) you will agree to indemnify The American Prophet website and Rev Michael Bresciani from all harm or loss due to misuse of materials, plagiarism, misquotation and libelous or slanderous materials used in your articles. All opinions are your own and not necessarily those of The American Prophet website or Rev Michael Bresciani. Don't worry, if it's that racy or mean we won't publish it anyway.

Final Notes: We are a small site but we have seen an exponential growth in the last few years. We have no blog features so anyone who wants to comment about your work should have a means to contact you. We are committed to the purposes and basic position outlined in our statement of faith, if you can live with that then we welcome your submissions and promise to handle all material discreetly and respectfully.  Good Writing!

Rev Michael Bresciani  

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