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Sunday School Students to Battlefield Generals by Terrance Scott, May 4, 2017

generals-hat.jpgWith the rise of Social Media many Christians have been able to reach out to one another and share inspirational thoughts, prayers and scriptures. This is one of the positive sides of being a Christian on Social Media. One negative side of Social Media has highlighted a soft spot in our Christian armor. Christian blogs and posts have been infiltrated by anti-Christian people who only want to argue or debate. In a sense one is put on trial via Facebook or Twitter and bombarded by multiple atheists on all things Christian. I am proud to say that in the last few months I have witnessed Christians come to the aid of other Christians who weren’t so knowledgeable of Biblical Theology.


There are dozens of atheist Facebook groups with members honing their skills in trapping Christians. Their goal is to make Christians look homophobic, sexist, ignorant of science or just plain hateful. Sometimes new Christians are caught in these debates while sometimes it is more senior Christians who are silenced. These senior Christians while able to quote scriptures were unable to effectively explain the Biblical stance on many of today’s issues. This shortfall has led me to the conclusion that we as the Body of Christ are not preparing one another for the current fight we are in. Here is an example, John 3:16 is perhaps one of the most famous and well known scriptures of the entire Bible. Now let me ask you some questions about this passage of scripture.


1.      What is the definition of the “love” spoken of?

2.      What does John 3:15 say?

3.      What does John 3:17 say?

4.      To whom was Christ speaking?

5.      What was taking place in Chapter 3?

Hopefully with those five questions I made my point. What is the point of knowing a scripture if you don’t know the context in which it was said? In the fourth chapter of Matthew we are shown a weakened Jesus who had been fasting forty days and forty nights. Satan, attempting to take advantage of this weakened state, tempts Christ thrice. Satan did not tempt him with craziness but in a very cunning way using the infallible word of God. Providing us an awesome example Christ, used that same infallible word of God to rebuke his tempter. It’s not about simply knowing the scripture but also how to apply the scripture.

Besides the self-inflicted wounds, we cause ourselves by allowing political parties to divide us. The church is facing a multifaceted persecution on our beliefs based on scripture from external sources. There are homosexuals saying Christians are homophobic. There are transgenders calling Christians transphobic. There are evolutionists calling Christians anti-science. There are feminist calling Christians sexist. There are atheists saying the Bible endorses slavery. We are far past the point where just knowing “Jesus Wept” is sufficient to explain our faith as believers.

Even our kids are not exempt from spiritual warfare. Our children are being raised in school systems where prayer is banned but believing we evolved from apes is acceptable. They are taught that life was a coincidence that just happened to come together. And how did we get here? We are here because of billions of years of macroevolution that started from dirt and molecules. In their school science book, they’re shown these beautiful charts that show the evolution from apes to cavemen to modern day humans. As Christians, we must be proactive in countering all these things that contradict the Bible. We can’t let the sole source of teaching to our kids be someone outside of our house. Also, it must be more than just saying “because the Bible says so”. It must be done to the detail of stating science that supports creation over evolution. Such as:

1.      The Cambrian level of strata does not support macroevolution.

2.      Carbon Dating is far from an accurate method of dating fossils.

3.      Macroevolution is unobservable and cannot be proven by science.

4.      There has not been enough time in existence for all the current species to evolve, and that is according to any scientific calculation of how long life has been on Earth.

5.      The “Big Bang” provides no answers for the different core and crusts of each planet.

6.      Though the fossil record has discrepancies with macroevolution it lines up exactly with the Old Testament account of creation.

This is the level of knowledge that we must teach in our churches and homes. We must elevate above the “Sunday School” type of lessons that are designed to make us feel good. Graduating to “Battlefield Generals”, Christians who are proficient in Biblical Theology and can speak intellectually on issues faced in the Bible and how they apply to us now. This transition begins with a basic foundation of Biblical Theology.   

·         How does the text fit with the surrounding text?

·         Who was the author and to whom was he writing?

·         What current state is the receiver of the passage in?

·         Is there a cultural context that must be taken into consideration?

·         Does the scripture hold any important geographical or political significance?

This is not a knock on any religion, any Priests or any Pastors. I am not a member of every Church so I cannot speak on the lessons learned by each congregation. As a humble servant of Christ I am asking that we do our part to ensure that we as a Body continue to grow in knowledge and capability. Our Churches must be more than just places where members go and hear sermons. They must become training camps where members are given the tools they need to deal with the adversities faced during the days when there is no Mass or Church Services. 

·         You must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it (1 Peter 3:15 NLT).

·         Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil (Ephesians 6:11 NLT).

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

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