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The Black Robed Regiment by John Miltenberger October 5, 2018

The-Black-Robed-Regiment.jpg‘Contrary to popular belief, politics is not inherently “dirty” - it only became so as Christians abandoned it.’

‘Most preachers agree that, along with the family and the church, government is one of three institutions God ordained for the promotion of peace and order so that the Gospel can be preached throughout the world.

Strangely, when it comes to preaching about these three institutions today, preachers enthusiastically address two of the three - the family and the church. They generally steer clear of government convinced it is “unbiblical” to get political in the pulpit.

The late Adrian Rogers often said, “God created the principle of human government and it is inconceivable that God would create government and then tell His people to stay out of it.”’

[Dan Fisher, Bringing Back The Black Robed Regiment]

There is a great book written by Dan Fisher that is largely unknown to most professing Christians. In this two-book compilation, Fisher explains in lurid detail, the participation of the preachers prior to and during, during our Revolutionary War. Many would preach from their pulpits with bibles and muskets present, and then go into the trenches to lead their very own congregants in throwing off what they understood to be a Godless tyranny. Most incurred a death sentence in doing so, as Britain’s king hated and feared the “Black robed regiment” for their leadership.

In these books, whole sermons are reproduced verbatim, and the detailed histories of many of these patriot preachers are told, and I wish we had them back in our time; we’ve never needed them more!

The quotes I collected from these two books fill up many pages in my computerized notes, and I’ve put two of them in my introduction, above. All of this leads me to ask several pertinent questions of American Christians today:

1. Why are the vast, very vast majority of today’s clergy so deathly afraid of preaching about the Christian’s obligation to participate in matters of civil government? Further,

2. When was the last time you heard a preacher publically talking about the subject of politics from the pulpit, other than vague illusions to it?

3. Why is it so very rare that preachers deal with our civil DUTY as Christian men and women to vote?

4. And finally, do we American Christians believe that God purposely placed us in this land, cleansed us from our sin and brought us into His family, just so we could abdicate our right and mandate ‘to rule’ on earth, to a bunch of heathen unbelievers? Is it any marvel why “politics” is ‘so dirty’? It should be obvious.

God told His people to ‘come out from among them’ in the sense of not participating in the sins and sinful lifestyles of the heathen around them, but He never indicated they were to leave planet earth up to their rule. Look where that has brought us?

We love to point our pious fingers at the filthy, dirty and ever increasing perversions we see in the ‘world’ around us, so carefully reported by the propaganda machine we call the media, but what we ought to be aware of is the four fingers pointing back at the absence of the church to step up to the plate and change it – and the most effective element of change is the venue of politics.

That’s just my opinion, of course, but ask yourself: Where did the American Church, the ‘Body of Christ on the earth’, go? Why is it weak, ineffective, and the laughingstock of many? Is that part of God’s plan? Really?! Here’s another question: Is prayer without action the same as faith without works?

We are victims because we have allowed it to be that way, and I have to wonder, is that the Bride, Jesus is supposed to be coming back for? He deserves better!

I’ve heard multiple figures for how many professing Christians didn’t even vote in the last election, arguably the most important election in our history, other than the ones before and during our Civil War in the 1860’s, but the number is in the tens of millions of registered voters. So what do you figure they were doing that Tuesday? My guess: watching God TV and hoping it would “just all go away”. It is shameful, and that’s way too nice!

We like to preach about our God-given “authority” and how the Holy Spirit empowers us from within, but I have to note: None of that makes any difference if all we want to do is sit in our so-called ‘churches’ and have country club meetings every Sunday.

If we don’t want to fill some political office, the least we can do is be a burr under the saddles of the heathen who are.

Perhaps it’s time to open the prison doors of our religious hearts and let the Holy Spirit go free!


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