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The Dark Side of Life by Jeffrey Ludwig March 1, 2017

the-dark-side-of-life.jpgIn an article published at The Stream, Michael Brown recounts that when the owner of a meatpacking plant in Michigan that employs 45 people was leading a team from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture that was inspecting his plant, they noticed articles on a table “celebrating natural marriage” mixed among other articles celebrating the recent Supreme Court decision of Obergefell v. Hodges celebrating homosexual marriage.


They told the owner that they would call off the inspection if the material was not removed. The matter is still being litigated, but the USDA has not backed down.  Dr. Brown rightly ends the article with a call to prayer. 

However, some thoughtful Christians have asked if there were actions to be taken in addition to prayer? 

My answer to this question is in the affirmative.  There has to be a new willingness among Christians to take risks and to lose comforts and status. When a new Gay and Straight Alliance was begun at the high school where I taught, I wrote to the principal and asked him to use his powers to sabotage the club. I asked him, "Do you want to see boys walking together down the hallways holding hands and kissing?"

He never answered my letter, but later I learned that he had quietly put it in my personnel file. No action was taken against me. That was towards the end of the 20th century or in the beginning of this century. Immorality has been stepped up since then. The so-called "gay/transgender movement" has accelerated its suppression of truth in the public sector.

The U.S. Supreme Court has incredibly certified the legitimacy of homosexual marriage. "Hey, it's just love," they tell us. Judeo-Christian morality -- that is, Biblical morality -- is out the window! If I were to send the same letter to the principal today (it is beside the point since I have retired) I might be severely punished -- suspended or even fired.

The climate for dissent against the Sodomites has become more oppressive and repressive. Our backs are against the wall. So, Christians like us must pray, but we must know that there can and WILL be reprisals against us if we publicly express our illiberal views. We may be ostracized, insulted, or even lose our livelihoods or place of residence. But if we are prayed up, we shall take the repercussions with calm, and bow down before a holy God who has blessed us to know the difference between right and wrong.

It's all in Psalm 1...there are those who sit in the seat of the scornful and others who are like trees planted by streams of water. Which group do you want to be identified with? 

This writer has a close family member who has told me that homosexuals cannot help who they are. This person is a normal, heterosexual person. This belief is tantamount to denying the God-given freedom which makes us responsible before Almighty God for our behavior as well as our thoughts, desires, and attitudes. And do you know that there are those who are so persuaded of this view that they want to make any form of "conversion therapy" for said homosexuals illegal?!  

As Autrey Windle puts the matter, the homosexuals afflicted by their perversion “want subservience to perversion so they can validate their failure to seek healing for their psychological afflictions that affect their freedom to be as God created them."  Windle adds "without God, these victims can only become servants of the enemy." Sadly, though they are indeed victims, increasingly these victims are becoming victimizers of the very "straight" people -- loving and hopeful Christian men and women -- who want the best for them. Thus, we must remember to apply the three R’s of Remembrance:

1.      Remember, the early church, filled with loving souls who had received Christ, was also persecuted. And there have been various times of persecution of true Christians throughout the last 2000 years. Sadly, we are entering into and are in such a time.

2.      Remember those souls in Revelation who are crying out "how long?" as they lament under the Throne of Grace? (Revelation 6:10) Well, I am beginning to understand those souls better than I have for a long time.

3.      Remember, Revelation tells us about the frog-like horror of the beast, the dragon, and the false prophet. (Revelation 16:13) They are the false trinity or evil trinity of the hate machine, but Christ has OVERCOME them.

Christ Jesus has overcome all these false doctrines and sinful attitudes whether or not we see them judged and repudiated in this short life.

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