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The Three Amigos of Racial Discord by Jeff Crouere, Posted August 1, 2013



On Monday, MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton and other “civil rights” leaders met with President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. They were purportedly discussing voting rights, but, in reality, they were discussing how to perpetuate voter fraud.


None of these so called leaders are in favor of voter identification laws, which require individuals to present a picture ID at voting polls. Somehow, mandating voter identification is supposed to be racist and akin to a poll tax that will “disenfranchise” minority voters. Such views are plainly ridiculous as many states have programs to provide free voter identification cards to their citizens. For example, Texas has implemented a plan to distribute free picture ID’s to any interested voter, but that has drawn the ire of Sharpton, Holder and Obama.


The Three Amigos are upset that Texas will require anyone seeking a free voter ID to present verification of their U.S. citizenship and identity. Of course, anyone interested in voter integrity and fair elections would agree that non-citizens should not be allowed to vote. Sadly, Sharpton, Holder and Obama disagree and are not interested in combating fraudulent voting. They want more illegal aliens to vote, which translates into more votes for the Democratic Party.


Ever since the Supreme Court struck down Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, the Three Amigos have been upset. This ruling freed Texas and 15 other states from submitting to the Department of Justice for preclearance any changes in their election laws. Thus, these mostly Southern states are now free to govern their elections like the rest of the country. Not surprisingly, the Attorney General is fighting back and is on a crusade to circumvent this Supreme Court ruling.  Last week, his Justice Department offered “clear evidence” of discrimination and asked a Federal Court in San Antonio to force Texas to undergo 10 additional years of preclearance and oversight. Of course, part of the phony discrimination that Holder cites is 2011 Texas voter ID law.


The Three Amigos rail against any states which have voter ID laws, even though the results from the 2012 election shows that in many of these areas turnout was higher among Black voters than White voters.  The facts are unimportant to the Three Amigos who have a vested interest in promoting claims of racism. Rev. Sharpton has made a living on race baiting, while Holder and Obama have exacerbated racial division over the past five years.


Holder has refused to prosecute Black Panthers who have intimated white voters, while he has no problem lamenting “Stand Your Ground” laws and investigating an exonerated George Zimmerman for civil rights charges.


Obama has polarized the races since the day he stepped into the White House. From his misguided comments on the Cambridge Police’s arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates to his personalization of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, Obama continues to divide, rather than unite.


In recent days, the President has claimed that he is working day and night on the economy; however, such a claim is preposterous for Obama spent precious time meeting yesterday with Sharpton, a hustler and phony. Obviously, the President is not serious about helping the American people for his real motto is to divide and conquer.


The President wants to create turmoil and racial division throughout the nation, and heap blame on the Republican Congress. All of this is a blatant attempt to take back control of the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections of 2014.


If Obama and the Democrats have total control of the country in the last two years of his term, it will be a nightmare for liberty loving Americans. The President already has control of a Democratic Senate. He also has strong support from a liberal dominated press, Hollywood, unions, universities and special interest groups. The last piece he needs for ultimate control is the House of Representatives.


For victory in 2014, Obama and the Democrats want to flood the polls with illegal votes, prevent voter identification laws from being enacted, and use the Holder Justice Department to fight any state which tries to pass voter integrity laws.


By meeting with Sharpton and other liberal activists, Obama has once again exposed to the American people his radical agenda.


He has no intention to lead, govern, and unite. His real intention is to continue to campaign, play politics and foster racial division. 


The country is already very racially polarized, so the President has accomplished some of his goals. However, he wants to pass more legislation on the liberal wish list  such as comprehensive immigration reform, strict gun control, cap and trade, and the Fairness Doctrine to name only a few.  


For all of this to be accomplished the Democrats need to win in the 2014 elections. Heaven help us if that happens.

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Photo Credit Canada Free Press


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