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Pastor Stephan P. Nash has served the Lord in pastoral ministries since 1981. By God’s grace, Pastor Steve has experienced growth in the three churches he has served. In recent years, missions, both at home and abroad have found a special place in his heart. With gifts in preaching/teaching, vision-casting, team building and discipleship, Pastor Nash has been effective mobilizing congregants for various ministries. Presently, Pastor Steve is serving as Sr. Pastor of Christian Community Chapel in Hillsborough, New Jersey, a growing Wesleyan Church that the Nashes’ and others planted in 2000. Pastor Steve and his wife, Pam, have raised seven children, who, have come to know Christ as Savior.

Pastor Steve has consistently communicated the importance for Christians to speak, without apology, the truth with love. He is a member of the Tea Party movement and the Black Robed Regiment, which emphasizes the value of exercising our faith in the public square.

Hillsborough, NJ USA http://christiancommunitychapel.org

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Rebranding of the GOP April 16, 2015

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