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When gossip becomes "the only news that's fit to print," you know it's fake by Curtis Dahlgren, January 7, 2018

fake-news.jpg"We have rediscovered the preciousness of freedom, its importance to the cause of peace and to restoring to humanity the dignity to which it is entitled . . This belief in human dignity suggests the eternal truth upon which democracy is based - a belief that human beings are not just another part of the material universe, not just mere bundles of atoms. We believe in another dimension - a spiritual side to man . . that inalienable rights come from One greater than ourselves." - Pres. Reagan, 1985


A FEW DUMB QUESTIONS: When two or three "unnamed" critics of the President get more media attention than thousands speaking out against the tyrants in Iran, is that "fair"? When "some say" that our President is "unfit," whatever that means, where are the Walter Kronkites now that we need them? Just wondering, is Chris Cuomo "fit" to be on the air? The President isn't crazy, but the news media are trying to drive him there. And he just keeps toying with them. LOL.


At least the coverage of the weather is accurate, right? NOT. In this hyper-politicized world, cold now means the earth is getting hotter. Tampa, Fl in the 30s. Ice storm on St. Simons Island, GA. Over 80 percent of the lower 48 below freezing. Is God trying to tell the South to appreciate warming? Meanwhile in Anchorage, it was 44 degrees. Is this finally the Apocalypse or just the Law of Averages? I have a book, "The Meanest Woman in the West," about "Mother" Nature's apocalypses in the 1800s.


The enviro-mentals tell us that "weather" is just anecdotal - except when it's NOT (like in the middle of summer). They have a child-like faith in global warming. Michael Barone made quite a statement about AGW enthusiasts ("Cult of Global Warming Losing Influence"):

"[They] have an unshakeable faith that manmade carbon emissions will produce a hotter climate, causing natural disasters. Their insistence that we can be absolutely certain this will come to pass is based not on science – which is never fully settled, witness recent experiments that may undermine Albert Einstein's theory of relativity – but on something very much like religious faith.

"All the trappings of religion are there. Original sin [the fall of modern man] . . the need for atonement and repentance [and Indulgences – energy taxes]."


But whatever you do, don't make fun of them. They are very "sensitive." If anyone is cracking up, it's the pop culture professors on our over-exalted universities. As an example, there was a "diversity conference" at the U. of Minnesota over the holidays. Red-and-green cookies were banned, and blue-and-white ones were also verboten (Xmas is "too specific" and the colors of Israel were abolished). Wonder if there were any all white cookies? Oreos would be absolutely out of course.


Ah yes, the dumb questions. My mother was very good at them, so I took note of that. Sometimes one dumb question at the right time trumps the Perfect Squelch (academe doesn't mind "squelching" believers). But - here's another one - if atheists are superior to Christians, why would they feel so easily offended? LOL.


Speaking of Trump, he's doing what he was elected to do. What's so terrible? Does the Democrat party still believe in Democracy? You have to wonder. Hillary made history, not only as the first woman to run for the "White" House (again), but she's also the first losing candidate in history to make up excuses for the loss for years on end. Is she trying to give her gender a bad rap? "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" [scorned by Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin (she didn't campaign in cheesehead country)]. Oh, and her campaign and the Obama DOJ spied on the Trump team (maybe a first since Watergate).


And speaking of "Fury," how about the fury of a former White House underling as quoted in a B-rated book? Or how about the fury of a fired FBI director who is going postal through his best friend the Special prosecutor? So "special." LOL. A random quote that just caught my eye:


"On the eve of the presidential election, billionaire Donald Trump has called out the President - demanding the Democrat to go public with his college applications, transcripts and his passport history. In a world exclusive interview, Trump declared he is pledging $5 million to charity if he does it." - The Globe, 11/12/12


"Old news" obviously, but it shows why CNN, et al have hated the Donald for so long! He never plays "prevent defense"; he stays on offense. And sometimes the tabloids are more "journalistic" than the mainstream media. I've been writing about them for years. Just go to my column and search "media" or "journalism."


P.S One of the best quotations was from my 9/16/17 column:


"The number of Federalist newspapers in New York are more than five to one the number of Republican papers, yet the majority of the elections go against the Federal papers, which is demonstrative evidence that the licentiousness of these papers is destitute of credibility . . . Nobody believes a common liar or a common defamer." - Thomas Paine


PPS: More to come.


"The next time an academic tells you how important diversity is, ask him how many Republicans they have in their sociology department." - Thomas Sowell


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