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Will Any Sane Person Defend Homosexual Practices? Don Boys, May 29, 2012

Homosexuals indulge in incredible, unbelievable, vile, vulgar, even violent activities detrimental to themselves and society such as fisting (don’t ask); rimming (don’t ask again); illegal drug use; eating or rubbing their bodies with a lover’s feces; autoerotic asphyxiation (killing about 1,000 each year); sadomasochism, urine drinking; golden showers (water sports); insertion of bottles, flashlights and other objects up a “lovers” rear; and other repulsive activities. I would love to hear a defense of those activities. 


Even alleged “gay” animals never reached such depravity. It takes a human to live such a vile lifestyle.  Toronto Zoo’s Buddy and Pedro penguins are now “straight” but then, they always were!  Absent forsaking a perverted life, homosexuals should at least get back into the closet. The few homosexuals who will write me declaring that they don’t do the above are as scarce as white dinosaurs in Manhattan and my question is, will they repudiate all the above practices?


Homosexuals should not be permitted to marry each other.  Their “marriages” are short lived according to various studies. One study of 8,000 couples, revealed the average number of years committed homosexuals live together was about 3.5 years for homosexual men, 2.2 for lesbians as opposed to 9.8 years for normal married people.  One study showed that of homosexual marriage-type arrangements each one had an average of eleven outside sexual relationships per year. So much for commitment.


Homosexual “couples” should not be permitted to adopt children. Various studies suggest that children of homosexuals are three times more likely to become homosexuals than children reared by normal people. Recent research shows that “64 percent of children raised in lesbian households consider having homosexual relationships, compared to 17 percent raised by heterosexual parents.” To assume that children living in homosexual homes will not be affected by their “parents” is unrealistic, unscientific, and unreasonable.


Moreover, children are generally not safe in homosexual homes. Homosexual “families” have the highest rate of family violence and the deviate environment is disastrous to children. Most homosexuals experience far more domestic violence than normal people. A federal government study of 6,779 married couples reported that about 5% of normal marriages experience violence each year while another study revealed that about half of lesbian couples experience violence!


Statistically, homosexuals die much younger than normal people.  A Danish study reported that male homosexuals only lived to age 55 while lesbians were three times more likely to become a “widow,” than a woman who married a man. Studies show that homosexual lifestyle may cost homosexuals 30 years of life! Homosexuals were 116 times more apt to be murdered and 24 times more likely to commit suicide than others. Wonder why federal officials seek to prevent smoking and obesity but promote perversion?


Well, it’s time for someone to say it, so I will: Homosexuals as a group are diseased, disgusting, and dangerous people. My critics will say that homosexuals are no better or worse than other people; however, that is another fairy story! Homosexuals make up less than 2% of the American population yet they have perpetrated about 68% of all serial killings in the last 30 years; were the original source of AIDS in America; and are the driving force for syphilis (64%) and other STDs in America!


I’m called a “hater” because I tell the truth and Hillary and Obama are considered lovers of people when they encourage the homosexual lifestyles since they “only love differently.” The truth is still the truth if no one believes it and a lie is still a lie if everyone believes it, even if it is the Secretary of State and the President of the United States.


Homosexuals can be “converted” back to heterosexuality, but not without dedication and commitment. Every practicing homosexual is not involved with violence, but all practicing homosexuals live a vile and vulgar lifestyle. There is hope for the homosexual and that is through a personal, saving, life-changing relationship with Christ. And yes, I love people enough to tell them the truth.


Hillary Clinton and Obama are promoting homosexuality on a global scale using tax dollars to support homosexual activists around the world! Moreover, normal people who oppose perversion are considered odd and evil! I think the inmates have taken over the institution! 


One thing is sure (although Hillary and Obama will not admit it since they are not sex experts or Bible experts and they have no common sense and little decency): there is nothing gay in the homosexual way. Nothing.


Copyright 2012, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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