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Jimmy Carter, the Sequel by Jeff Crouere November 5, 2010

President-Carter.jpgThe Obama mania media and his sycophants in the Democratic Party love to boast that Barack Obama is a genius. In fact, in the aftermath of the 2008 election, one historian, Michael Beschloss, gushed that Obama is “the smartest guy ever to become President.” This historian is a joke and nothing but an Obama cheerleader, but his view of the President is prevalent among liberals in academia and the media.


Yet, if Obama is so smart, how come he can’t understand clear election results? On Tuesday, voters across the country sent an unmistakable message to Obama and the Democrats: we don’t like your liberal, socialist agenda. Republicans won more seats in this election than in the 1994 Republican revolution. It was the biggest Republican House victory in 72 years. Any objective observer should realize that the election was a massive repudiation of Obama and his team of leftist loonies.


Instead of acknowledging the mood of the country, our delusional President somehow believes that the American people want faster change and more liberal policies. Obama thinks that the people are asking for swifter liberalism, not moderation. Ladies and gentlemen, this is no genius.


While admitting to a “shellacking,” the President told reporter Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes that the election debacle was caused by a lack of effective communication with the American people. What is amazing is that this statement was made by a President who campaigned on almost every television station, even the Discovery Channel and Comedy Central. In fact, he has been campaigning non-stop since his election. One of the many problems with Obama is that he does not govern, he only campaigns.


President Obama never wants to move toward moderation and consensus with Republicans, just the opposite. Therefore, his landmark legislation, the stimulus, Obama care, the earmark laden budget and the financial reform package were passed with almost no Republican support. In his first twenty one months in office, the President never once met privately with the House Republican leader, John Boehner, the next Speaker of the House. He was never interested in working with the Republicans, only defeating them.


In the aftermath of historic losses, Obama remains adamant that his radical agenda is the best course for the American people. At this point, our country is on course for another major political collision in 2012. Obama’s tone deafness, his arrogance, and his liberalism are reminiscent of Jimmy Carter, the Democrat’s last one term President.


Like Jimmy Carter, Obama might be challenged in the Democratic presidential primaries. Like Jimmy Carter, Obama’s policies will continue to cause severe economic problems. Like Jimmy Carter, Obama is delusional about his poor standing among the public and the negative impact of his policies.


Unlike a successful two term Democratic President, Bill Clinton, Obama will not move to the political center. He will not accommodate Republicans to pass reform legislation. After his massive defeat in 1994, Clinton worked with the GOP Congress to pass welfare reform and capital gains tax cuts. He left office with a budget surplus and a strong economy.


In contrast, Obama has no appetite to moderate or work with Republicans. This is actually good news for the GOP and the country. It means his reign of error will end after only one term and the GOP can remain steadfast in their opposition to his entire liberal agenda.


The country and Republicans will benefit in 2012 when Obama, just like Jimmy Carter, is defeated after only one term in office. Let’s just hope and pray the Republicans can find another Ronald Reagan to clean up the mess. After four disastrous years of Obama, our country will need another President like Reagan to restore our pride, revive our economy and set our nation on the right course once again.


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