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Prophecy 2020 – Will it be a Year of Success or Catastrophe? Michael Bresciani January 1, 2020


From Revelation to David Wilkerson - Current Events Catching Up to Prophecy Michael Bresciani June 1, 2020


Coronavirus, the Economy and the Great Eschaton – Fair Warning Michael Bresciani March 10, 2020


Ahab Blamed the Prophet, Nero Blamed the Christians – America Blames Both! Michael Bresciani, April 4, 2019


Planned Parenthood vs. Gun Violence – Hypocrisy Greater Than the World Itself Michael Bresciani, March 17, 2018


It Wasn’t God’s Voice I Heard – It Was Yours by Michael Bresciani, October 4, 2012


Why are America and the Entire World Beckoning the Beast? Michael Bresciani, November 23, 2017


The Vision that Started a Lifetime of Prophetic Ministry Michael Bresciani, posted September 16, 2011


Serious Questions and Answers on the Coming of Antichrist Michael Bresciani, June 30, 2012


Lawless Government – The Great Non-Sequitur of the Last Days by Michael Bresciani, December 10, 2010


The New America - Booming Economy, Sinking Morality, Dreams of Impeachment by Michael Bresciani, January 30, 2020


Why the LGBT Wars against Real Christianity by Michael Bresciani, October 1, 2019




Do you know this man



What You Don’t Know About Donald Trump and the King Cyrus Prophecy By Michael Brown, July 10, 2020


Mr. Trump, the Corrupt CDC Needs Your Attention - Now! By Don Boys, July 10, 2020


This Is Why the Official BLM Statement Is So Disturbing By Michael Brown, July 9, 2020


Its Time for a Break By Rob Pue, July 9, 2020


Alternative Anthem and Jesus By Jerry Newcombe, July 9, 2020


Can Trump Be Reelected Without Divine Intervention? By Michael Brown, July 7, 2020


The Coming Collapse of the Republic By Selwyn Duke July 7, 2020


Saving America from the Mob By Jeff Crouere, July 7, 2020


Time to Cancel Darwin By Michael Brown, July 7, 2020


Hunting Politicians -You Can Only Oppress the People For So Long! By Bradlee Dean, July 6, 2020


Fourth of July 2020 – At Least We Still Have a President Who Loves America Michael Bresciani, July 3, 2020


New Law – No Singing in Church! By Rev Austin Miles, July 4, 2020


Here Come School "Sex Ed Squads" and Elementary Planned Parenthood Lessons By Linda Harvey, July 1, 2020


J K Rowling vs Harry Potter Stars and the Supreme Court By Michael Brown, July 1, 2020


No Race is Righteous – The “Other Men” Syndrome Sweeps the Nation Michael Bresciani, June 30, 2020


Why the Riots Now? By Michael Brown June 30, 2020


The Left Is Not Whistling Dixie By Jeff Crouere, June 30, 2020


Lies, Ignorance and Anarchy By Rob Pue, June 30, 2020


BLM Crushes Modern Psych - But Can’t Touch the Amazing Power of Grace Michael Bresciani June 28, 2020


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Darwinism and “No Lives Matter”

Recognizing The Signs Of The Times - A Warning To Our Generation

Former White House doctor: Biden campaign won't allow cognitive test

If Black Lives Matter, Defund Planned Parenthood, Not The Police

Pope Francis Dangerous Call For Interfaith Prayer, Each To His Own God

Polyamory: The next battle in the LGBT culture war against America

BREAKING: Thousands of guillotines pre-positioned across America for left-wing terrorists to execute conservatives, Christians and Whites in the unfolding CIVIL WAR


MyPillow guy: My story is proof 'Jesus is real'


'Tear them down': BLM says Jesus statues are 'white supremacy'


Erase history and you control the people

Prophecy Preview: Amid Global Uncertainty, Record Numbers of Jews Return 'Home'

Candace Owens: ‘I Do Not Support George Floyd And The Media Depiction Of Him As A Martyr For Black America’

NFL Legend Drew Brees Roasted for Saying He Disagrees With Those Who Disrespect the Flag

How COVID-19 affects the evolution-creation debate

Franklin Graham Urges the Church to Pray amid Violent Protests following the Death of George Floyd

TOP 10 MEMES Joe Biden Says You Ain’t Black (video)

Ravi Zacharias, Beloved Preacher and Apologist, Dies at 74

Judge Sullivan: A Prosecutor in Robes

Obama’s Inner Circle Requested ‘Unmasking’ of General Flynn: Leftist Lapdog Politico Immediately Jumps to Defend Obama & Company

Biden Tells LGBT Group He Will Appoint 'Pro-Equality Judges' and 'Reverse Trump's Actions'

1996 Court Document Shows Tara Reade Told Husband She Was Assaulted By Joe Biden

Why Leftist Loons Don’t Want World To Return To Normal

LGBT Activists Message To Samaritans Purse - Thanks For Nothing, Bigots

City demands churches turn over names, addresses, phone numbers!

How The Coronavirus Sets The Stage For The End Times

Pope issues disturbing New Age pronouncements during Earth Day address

Pelosi endorses Joe Biden for president, amid development in sexual assault claim

Witless in Michigan: Gov. Wears Planned Parenthood Cap Mocking Popular Trump Slogan

When Ann Coulter Wrote In Trump We Trust By Michael Brown June 29, 2020

Mayor Orders American Flags Removed From All City Buildings For Safe Keeping - Outside Groups Coming Into His City - People In City Rise Up In Protest Of Mayor By Bradlee Dean, June 29, 2020

Instagram Brands Christian Worship ‘Harmful’ By Michael Brown, June 27, 2020

Darwin Separates us into Races – BLM says it has gone Nuclear – The Bible says, we are all Still Slaves By Michael Bresciani, June 25, 2020

So Many Statues - So Little Time By Jerry Newcombe, June 26, 2020

WHOA!! Paging the Nearest Jail Cell: Peter Strzok Handwritten Notes Released, and Oh Boy Are They DAMNING! By Greg Holt, June 26, 2020

Trump Unbowed After Five Years of Abuse By Jeff Crouere, June 25, 2020

Supreme Court Rejected the Normal to Favor the Abnormal, Abominable, and Abhorrent! By Don Boys, June 25, 2020

Gorsuch the Pharisee and Textualist Tomfoolery By Selwyn Duke, June 25, 2020

Pray For America: Fierce Warfare Between Forces of Evil and Forces of Good Playing Out Right Now By Linda Kimball, June 24, 2020

Be Careful Who You Call a White Supremacist By Michael Brown, June 22, 2020

A Day of Reckoning By Rob Pue, June 24, 2020

Deranged Bill Gates Accuses Those Who Refuse to Take His Vaccines As Those That Are Endangering The Lives of Others By Bradlee Dean, June 22, 2020

This Is Why We Cannot Put Our Trust in the Supreme Court By Michael Brown, June 20, 2020

The Catastrophe of Fatherless America By Jerry Newcombe, June 20, 2020

Racist, Rioter or Protestor – Your Sin is your Own, Not Mine Michael Bresciani June 7, 2020

Culture Rape: Our Forefathers Condemned as Immoral — by the Worst Lowlifes Among Us By Selwyn Duke, June 20, 2020

We Are on the Precipice of a Very Dangerous Cultural Shift By Michael Brown, June 13, 2020

Devolution to Revolution: An Already Demoralized U.S. is Now Being Destabilized By Selwyn Duke, June 13, 2020

Stand with the Living God or Bow the Knee to Cultural Nonsense Michael Bresciani, June 11, 2020

Actress Falsely Puts a Bible in Hitler’s Hand By Jerry Newcombe, June 13, 2020

Therapist's Offices Jammed! by Rev Austin Miles, June 13, 2020

‘Cop’ Is Not a Dirty Word by Michael Brown, June 10, 2020

Don’t Just Trust – Verify by Rob Pue, June 9, 2020

“Defund the Police”? The Method to the Left’s Madness By Selwyn Duke, June 8, 2020

The Cancel Culture Is Ruthless By Michael Brown June 5, 2020

Obama’s NOT so Subtle Marching Orders to George Floyd Protestors By Greg Holt, June 5, 2020

What Happened to All the Fears About Spreading COVID-19? By Michael Brown, June 5, 2020

The Way of Christ is Not Violent By Jerry Newcombe, June 5, 2020

Trump Took His Bible to Church and His Haters Went Ballistic! By Don Boys June 4, 2020

A Divine Perspective on the Protests and the Riots By Michael Brown June 3, 2020

Police Closing Churches-Communism Wins? by Rev Austin Miles, June 4, 2020

On George Floyd: There is NOTHING to Protest By Selwyn Duke June 3, 2020

4 Reasons the Race Riots Do Far More Harm Than Good By Michael Brown, June 2, 2020

Chaos, Breakdown, Demoralization, Destruction: America's New Normal, How It Came About and Where We Are Going By Linda Kimball, June 1, 2020

The True Church is Losing its Best – The Apostate Church is Showing the World its Worst Michael Bresciani, May 21, 2020