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A Biden Presidency Would be Bad – His VP ‘Picks’ as President Would be Worse By Greg Holt, August 1, 2020

dat-you-out-there-sm-.jpgAccording to Tucker Carlson, we will all know who Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President is next week.  If it’s one of the two people I mention here, well, we all better deeply hope that Biden does not win.


Joe Biden has already run for president three times and his first attempt was an embarrassing failure:


From Fox News


“The first time Biden ran was in 1988. That was before most of the people who work on the show were born, and he was caught lying about his biography in speeches and forced to drop out.


Biden suggested to audiences that he had grown up in a coal mining family in Wales. That's not true. Joe Biden is actually from America. His father sold cars in Wilmington. Biden went to a Catholic prep school in the suburbs. So it was pretty embarrassing.”


So we know that Joe Biden is a liar, no surprise there, but we also know that he is a crook and is perfectly willing to ruin innocent people like General Michael Flynn.


Biden’s second attempt in 2008 also ended in failure after he received a paltry one percent of the vote in the Iowa caucuses and subsequently dropped out of the race.


Joe Biden, who may be the worst candidate ever, is of course currently running for president, again.  His top two alleged “picks” are bad, really bad.  Given the fact that Biden can’t even figure out where he is most of the time – his VP choices would have serious consequences.


The first and possibly the most likely VP pick is Kamala Harris.  There is a whole host of problems with Kamala being VP, among them the fact that she will do anything to “win.”  Many people have suggested she “slept” her way to the top, or as Roseanne Barr said, “she slept her way to the bottom.”  


Harris will do, or say whatever it takes to win, she has no “position,” her positions on any given issues change like the direction of the wind from day to day.  It’s all about winning.  There is no concern over dealing with any issues or “fixing” anything, rather there is a lust for power and control – period.


More from Fox News Tucker Carlson:


“And over the years, Harris has been willing to do pretty much whatever it takes to win, including using the power of her office to crush political opponents.

As the Attorney General of California, Harris relentlessly defended her big donors in the abortion industry. When a journalist called David Daleiden criticized Planned Parenthood in a documentary, Kamala Harris sent the police to his home. Daleiden later described the authoritarian nightmare Harris unleashed on his life.”


Kamala is the one who supports free healthcare for illegals; don’t forget.  She is also the one who by her own actions has made it perfectly clear that she does not support free speech (unless you agree with her) and will in fact use law enforcement to put a stop to free and open journalism – that fact alone should scare anyone regardless of party affiliation.


Biden’s second top pick is even worse than Kamala.  You may have never even heard of Karen Bass, and may not want to; Bass is pretty much a domestic terrorist.  Bass is so far left of center; she makes Leftist AOC look like a center of the road model citizen.


Ms. Bass was an ardent supporter of Fidel Castro and visited Cuba repeatedly.  Bass was also a member of a group that trained “revolutionaries,” quoted by the LAPD as having provided training in: "terrorist tactics and guerrilla warfare." 


If that’s not bad enough, Bass would like to make racial discrimination legal again – as in how things were pre Civil Rights Movement, she even bragged about it. 


If you haven’t heard of Bass’s pet “bill,” the New Way Forward Act, let me be the first one to acquaint you with it, this is some epically bad legislation.  This “bill” would require the U.S. government to reimport hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that were deported for – now get this, committing crimes!  Yes, Bass actually co-sponsored a bill to bring back illegals into this country that are criminals.  Who in their right mind would do such a thing?  Why would anyone want to jeopardize our citizens’ safety in this way?


Just imagine one of these two clowns running the country.


It cannot be over stated, the consequences of a Biden win to this country and We the People would be beyond catastrophic.


It’s time to wake up America, while there is still an America to wake up to.

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Let’s all continue to fight political correctness, indoctrination, Leftist propaganda, liberalism, and keep sharing the truth – knowledge is power.  Until next time…

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