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CNN does it Again! Liberal Reporter Bemoans the Loss of ‘Talent’ in Media and Hollywood: Over Sexual Allegations by Greg Holt, November 24, 2017

fake-news-saturation.jpgSomeone please explain to me why it is that anyone watches CNN anymore? Unless of course you are a Leftist Liberal, or a graduate of our wonderful Leftist indoctrination centers – you know them as schools and universities; then I understand. But seriously, how does CNN have a shred of journalistic integrity left? Oh, that’s right – they don’t.


On Tuesday (11/21/17) CNN reporter Dylan Byers tweeted the following and was immediately ripped to shreds for it:


Uh say what? Dylan Byers is at the very least clueless, and at worst an insensitive idiot. The offending tweet was deleted after Byers received massive backlash but not before plenty of people got screenshots of the tweet. Even some Liberals denounced Byers foolish tweet including Mother Jones Editor-in-chief Clara Jeffery, wow.


Here are some of the responses on Twitter:


Even Donald Trump Jr. had something to say:


One America News Network’s Emily Miller, who has said she is a victim of sexual assault by disgraced political analyst Mark Halperin, said her hands were shaking when she replied to Byers. (Source)


Here is Byers apology – as some are calling it, I call it ridiculous fluff:


To @DylanByers I say this: what about the careers that never were, because the women (and some men) fled Hollywood or news departments rather than be abused? What about the emotional damage sustained by these folks? What about the influence of these perverts on Hollywood? Would you want your children to be influenced by these people? How about your wife or daughter working with these kind of men?


The mindset of this Liberal CNN reporter is really no surprise to this writer at all. One cannot after all let pesky little things like sexual harassment, sexual assault, and the “casting couch” get in the way of news and entertainment. Right?


If one is a Liberal, anything goes as long as it does not deprive me of what I want. Common good, what’s good for the country? Please be serious, Liberals only understand sacrifice if it comes at the expense of others for their benefit.


We see this mindset everywhere today; last week I wrote about Hillary Clinton saying it would be, “such an abuse of power” to investigate her. It is ok however to investigate any Republican including the sitting U.S. president. Funny how that works isn’t it?


In Sports: I have written on NFL players kneeling, sitting etc. in protest – these players are disrespecting our flag, our country, and all the military veterans in this country.


In the News: CNN, MSNBC, Mother Jones, ABC, CBS, The Washington Post, etc. – all slant the news to their agenda, or publish outright fake news and some even colluded to help Hillary during the 2016 election.


In Schools: elementary schools through college are little more than indoctrination centers with an abysmal quality of learning. Unless you count learning about the Muslim faith while kicking Christianity down the road, or liberalism, or homosexual sex etc. – unless you count these things as learning.


Social Media: Google, Facebook, and Twitter censoring, if your opinions are Liberal, it’s all good, not so much if you are a Conservative.


This kind of attitude is becoming far too common in the America of today – we need to be speaking up about this before it’s too late. Sooner then you think, the “entitlement” and the “anything goes” attitude of the Left will be the norm in society. Anyone caught expressing an opposing viewpoint will be instantly shot down and face serious consequences. Mark my words, this is coming, it’s only a matter of time.


What can I do to help? I’m so glad you asked. Comment on articles and share the articles on your favorite social media sites. Write your own articles and get them published. Send emails to, and call your elected government reps. Refuse to patronize things that really go against the grain – Disney’s remake of Beauty and the Beast contains homosexual scenes, disgusting! The NFL players disrespect for our country and vets.

Last but not least – vote the RINOs and Liberal Democrats out of office! They are NOT upholding our America values. Find a list of Conservatives running for office that need our help and support here.


If enough people speak up, the supposed powers that be will notice.


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