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Cell Phones, Bullying, the Age of Reason, and Typical Democrat Stupidity by Greg Holt, January 15, 2020

separation-anxiety-sm.jpgJust when you think you have seen it all – a Democrat introduces bill that defines stupidity on steroids.

While the author of a new bill submitted in the Vermont state Senate says the bill is only to make a “point,” this bill exemplifies the Democratic mindset – ignorance and stupidity.


So what is this new bill about you ask?  Cellphones – more specifically, taking them away from those under the age of 21.  Yup, you read that right.

The idea is that (according to the bill) people under the age of 21 are not competent enough to posses and use a cell phone.


“Young people frequently use cell phones to bully and threaten other young people, activities that have been linked to many suicides.”


“In light of the dangerous and life-threatening consequences of cell phone use by young people, it is clear that persons under 21 years of age are not developmentally mature enough to safely possess them.”


While the use of phones to bully, and to text etc. while driving (causing deaths) are good points – the whole premise of this bill is defective and ignorant to begin with.  But if one is a Democrat and one proposed a bill, but then I repeat myself.


Taking away a person’s cell phone will stop bullying.  I have ocean front property in the middle of the desert for sale too.  Did the bill’s author forget about computers?  Or how about each person’s mouth?


If a person under the age of 21 is not “developmentally mature enough to safely possess them,” meaning a cell phone – then what else should be removed from their possession, or what other “rights” should be taken away?


Most people under 21 (and many above that age) are not mentally competent enough to have children, should we then make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to have a baby?


Many young people (especially today) are not seemingly competent enough to hold a job, live on their own, or make decisions that indicate even a modicum of wisdom.  Yet we were all young at one time right?


Should we then, based on the above thinking, remove the rights of those under the age of 21 (and maybe even higher) and hire for them babysitters to keep them “safe”?


Just the fact that this legislator wrote such an ignorant bill shows the idiotic mindset of most Democrats.  Even the bill’s author says he would not vote for it – why then did he write it?  This exemplifies the Democratic mindset that their god – the almighty State, is or should be in charge of all and sundry.


This author knows plenty of “grown-ups” that are anything but grown up.  Taking away people’s rights is not the way to fix things.  That is the way to cause division, anger, and resentment.


I have a better idea; lets take all the young people out there, and place them in a protective bubble.  We can then decide what to allow and what not to allow into the “bubble”, thereby protecting them from the big bad world at large.  This way, when we deem them old enough to be released into the world – they will fail miserably for sure, and we can wring our hands saying, “where did I go wrong”?

Did you catch the use of sarcasm there?  If one is a Democrat…

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