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Left-Leaning Google Gives the Trump Administration a HUGE Gift: Leftists are Outraged By Greg Holt, April 3, 2020


Google, a Leftist search platform has amazingly enough given President Trump a princely gift.


Miracles really do happen apparently.  Google, a normally rigid Leftist platform that opposes all things Trump, and manipulates search results to favor Leftists – has said they will not allow political ads concerning the Coronavirus to run on Google.


Leftists are outraged that Google, their normal staunch ally has precluded them from using Google’s powerful platform(s) to attack Donald Trump.


From Zero Hedge:


Democrats say the Google ban allows the Trump administration to promote its response to the crisis while denying ads criticizing it.


"…staffers of several Democratic nonprofits and digital ad firms realized this week that they would not be able to use Google's dominant ad tools to spread true information about President Trump's handling of the outbreak on YouTube and other Google platforms. The company only allows PSA-style ads from government agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and trusted health bodies like the World Health Organization. Multiple Democratic and progressive strategists were rebuked when they tried to place Google ads criticizing the Trump administration's response to coronavirus, officials within the firms told Protocol." – Protocol 


Awwwwwww, poor babies.


Of course, Democrats whined and cried that they are not being given the opportunity to respond to the Trump administration’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis.  This writer thinks it’s more along the lines of the Dems are crying because they are missing out on a golden opportunity to attack Trump over this crisis in order to score cheap political points.


Apparently, according to newly released information, Google is going to reverse its ban on ads that oppose Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Is anyone surprised at this?


From The Verge:


Google will start to lift its ban on coronavirus-related advertising this week after its policy caught fire from Democratic lawmakers who feared it may bolster misinformation from the White House.

But according to Protocol, Democrats grew concerned that the broad ban allowed the Trump White House to boost its response to the pandemic but prohibited Democrats from criticizing it.


Misinformation from the White House, that’s a good one.  It is the Democrats and their bought and paid for mainstream media outlets that have spread misinformation and whipped up a completely unnecessary national panic.


Granted, the Trump administration has made some missteps, but over-all they have handled this crisis rather well.  Even some of Trump’s staunchest Political opponents have, according to Newsweek, praised his handling of the Coronavirus outbreak.  This includes Democrats such as the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and shockingly even Ilhan Omar!


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