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Only in America: ILLEGALS Suing the U.S. Government Because They did not Receive Coronavirus Stimulus Checks By Greg Holt, May 9, 2020

no-impact-check-sm.jpgWe find ourselves in this situation because it is common knowledge the world over that the U.S. treats illegals better than its own citizens.


There is a group of illegals that have apparently filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government.  Why you ask?  Because they did not get a piece of the pie, and well – it’s not fair that they are excluded.


From The Gateway Pundit:


“I have lost my job, and in my home three adults have the coronavirus; none of us are working,” one of the plaintiffs, identified only as “Norma” said in a statement released through her lawyers. “My son is an American citizen, and we need him to receive the CARES Act benefit to provide food and a roof over his head until this difficult moment passes.”


The lawsuit argues denying relief money to children of illegal immigrants is unconstitutional under the Fifth Amendment “because the children are being discriminated against and treated differently from other US citizen children.”


While this writer does sympathize with this woman’s situation, the fact remains that she is here in the U.S. illegally, by her own choice.  Many a person comes here illegally knowing that due to U.S. law, their children will be U.S. citizens, otherwise known as “anchor babies,” this practice is also known as “birth tourism.”

The argument these illegals are using is that denying aid to them via their “anchor babies” whom are citizens is “unconstitutional.”  Here is what I want to know: how is it that I (We the People) must be held responsible for these illegal immigrants’ own choices?

No one held a gun to anyone's head and said that they must break the law and come here illegally, therefore breaking the law – it was/is a choice to do so.  Many illegals then have the gumption to complain and demand that they be given the same rights as American citizens.


This is just plain wrong.  What about those who earned their citizenship the right way?  Many of these immigrants who did so from previous generations helped make this nation what it is today.


Thanks to the Democrats:


·         Illegals are to be given everything for free

·         Illegals do not have to follow the same laws as U.S. citizens

·         Illegals should automatically be given citizenship (amnesty)

·         Illegals should be protected from U.S. law when they commit crimes


Unfortunately, it is known worldwide how American lawmakers so foolishly ignore our own laws and Constitution in order to grant all rights and privileges to illegals, and even rights that American citizens do not posses.  Naturally these illegals will become Democrats – but that has nothing to do with why Democrats allow and encourage all of this right?


Let’s say you go on vacation for two or three weeks.  You are taking the vacation of a lifetime, traveling all over the U.S.  When you return home, you find a family has broken into your home and is living in it.  Since the “family” has a brand new baby born in your home – you are told they must be allowed to remain, and that you have to help pay their bills.


Guess what, that is exactly what is happening here with these illegals.  The “home” is the U.S., the “family” is the illegals, and “you” are the American taxpayer that is being forced to pay for all of this.


Is American citizenship and all that it stands for and the rights that it includes really sold so cheaply?


Apparently so.

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