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The War on Christmas: Liberal Hate on Steroids, it isn’t Just About Christmas by Greg Holt, December 30, 2017

salvation-army-bell.jpgUnless you have been living under a rock or something, most people have heard of the war on Christmas in one form or another. Oh yes folks – this is a VERY real war with a multi-pronged agenda headed up by powerful people.


This War on Christmas is courtesy of the same folks who have lovingly brought us Liberalism, political correctness, The New World Order, the attempted destruction of the United States from within – I could go on and on. People like Barack Obama, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and any other Liberal loser who thinks good is bad, and bad is good.


Recently a Salvation Army bell ringer was attacked for – you guessed it, wishing a man merry Christmas. He was beaten and thrown to the ground, visceral hatred on display all because a man said, Merry Christmas. What is wrong with someone that they would viciously attack someone for simply saying Merry Christmas? Where does this level of insane hatred come from? This writer will tell you where it comes from, Liberal Left lies, political propaganda, and indoctrination.


In Dallas Texas atheist group American Atheists put up a billboard proclaiming: “Just skip church. It’s all fake news!” This right next to a manger scene of course.


Last but not least we have The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Did you use the hashtag #Christmas, or #Merry Christmas? If so, I hate to tell you this but you may be a far right extremist according to SPLC’s “hate tracker.” You hater you…


This all started years ago when the argument was made that – we can’t say Merry Christmas, why we might offend someone, gosh we can’t have that! In no time flat it became politically incorrect (and still is in a big way) to say Merry Christmas. Now people are being harassed, attacked, and labeled as haters – all for the deep grave sin of saying to someone, Merry Christmas!


In this writer’s opinion, it’s bad enough that Christmas is being attacked, but this is about more than Christmas. This is an open-ended attack on Jesus Christ and Christianity. Yes I know, there has been much talk over the years about Christmas being a pagan holiday and many Christians were of course derided over that. Now however, it suits the Liberal agenda, the master Liberal playbook if you will, to have Christmas associated with Christians. Many Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas – the Liberal Left can’t have that you see.


As Christmas is associated with Jesus and Christians, it must be attacked and marginalized. No one should be celebrating Jesus, oh no – instead Christmas needs to be all about gifts, a meal, and of course copious amounts of alcohol. No remembrance of Christ and what He has done for us, nope – instead you should have fond memories of how great that party was!


In attacking Christmas, the Liberals are reinforcing political correctness; they are furthering their relentless attacks on Jesus and all those “hateful Christians.” Let us not forget Conservatives and Republicans either, they are more fodder for the Liberal cannons. Attacking Christmas is also another way of attacking free speech. Christmas being associated with Christ, you can’t be saying Merry Christmas, that might offend someone – well to bad! I have to be offended when idiot Liberals support abortion, when they sanction sanctuary cites – even going so far as to protect killers! I have to be offended when illegals come here, supported by Democrats (because if they can vote they will vote Democrat) that have the audacity after having come here illegally – to demand their rights!


Most Christians are against murdering babies, many would call that abortion. We believe in Truth, the ultimate Truth that is Jesus Christ. We are against same-sex marriage, because God is against same-sex marriage. We believe in morals, right and wrong. We are givers; Christians give more than any other group on this planet, why? Because Jesus told us to give, to care for others. Christianity fosters values, a sense of right and wrong, a desire to follow God and please Him. None of which mesh with the Liberal playbook.


Liberalism (is a mental disorder but I digress) is all about personal freedom and expression of said freedom. Ah, but there is a caveat here: your freedoms are only truly free if the Left has decided that your freedoms meet with their approval. It’s ok to be gay, transgender, an illegal immigrant that has killed someone, a lying politician, a president who did his best to make America pathetic, and America’s preeminent power couple who sought to rob, steal, kill, and enrich themselves at the expense of the poor dumb schmucks – the American people.


If the far left party of the Demoncrats, AKA Liberals are so predicated on lies and mistruths, how do they keep getting away with it? Easy – the lying lamestream media helps them cover up everything through woefully misreporting and deliberate lying, even collusion, we know this phenomenon as fake news.


Attacks on Christmas are just another way to attack Christians and Conservatives, while enforcing political correctness and advancing the One World agenda, which again seeks to eradicate things like morals, values and Christianity.


Those who listen to and believe in the Liberal agenda, the anti-Christian agenda – are being herded into the world’s playpen. One small problem, those who are of the world will have a one-way ticket to Hell. Those who follow the narrow road and believe in Jesus will be in heaven with Him.


One of two things will happen: either the Liberals will win back control of the House, maybe the Senate at some point, and America will go straight down the toilet for all time – or Conservatives will remain in power and good things will happen. If freedom is important to you, will you speak up? Are you tired of the mainstream media’s constant lies? Are you tired of the huge amount of corruption in the government? Will you speak up, will you vote?

America is at a turning point, and every voice needs to be heard.


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