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Selwyn Duke (@SelwynDuke) has written for The HillObserverThe American Conservative, WorldNetDaily and American Thinker. He has also contributed to college textbooks published by Gale – Cengage Learning, has appeared on television and is a frequent guest on radio. His website is

A Time to Remember “Leave it to Beaver” and the America We Left Behind October 20, 2010


The Missing Link in the Evolution Jan 19, 2011

U.S. Students Ignorant of History; Will Repeat Mistakes of Past posted July 12, 2011

What Conservatives and the GOP Dare Not Say about Immigration posted January 6, 2012

The Myth of Bad Republican Candidates posted Jan 12, 2012

Are Conservatives with Ginsburg or the Founders on the Constitution? Posted February 19, 2012

Why Obama’s Birth Certificate Matters, Especially Now Posted March 23, 2012

Birmingham News Drops the Ball on Black-on-white Crime Posted April 14, 2012

The Real News Today: Obama Was Always for Faux Marriage Posted May 10. 2012

The Immorality of Liberals Posted June 10, 2012

The Un-American Sin of Property Taxes Posted June 15, 2012

What Everyone Forgets When Debating Gun Control Posted July 26, 2012

The Aurora Propaganda Award Goes to… Posted July 27, 2012

Grand Mufti Emanuel’s Chicago Values Posted August 1, 2012

The Olympics and Feminist-style Reporting Posted August 4, 2012

The Sideshow at the DOJ Posted August 30, 2012

Do We Want Mr. Nice Guy as President? Posted Oct 5, 2012

My Answer for Lloyd Marcus Posted Oct 10, 2012

Biden’s Strategy: Be a Jerk Posted October 13, 2012

Democrat Boss Caught on Video Planning Vote Fraud Posted Oct 25, 2012

Barack Obama is a Liar Posted November 1, 2013

Can Democrat-leaning Voting Machines Win Election for Obama? Posted November 4, 2012

Obama Calling: America’s Life after Death Posted Nov 7 2012

Was the 2012 Election Stolen? Posted Nov 16, 2012

Invasion of the Liberal Body Snatchers Posted Nov 21, 2012

In Defense of Old White Men Posted Nov 30, 2012

Another Victory for the Anti-Christian Grinches Posted Dec 5, 2012

Judge: “Choose Life” Out in North Carolina Posted Dec 13, 2012

What Would Jesus Shoot? Posted Dec 28, 2012

Piers Morgan Takes Aim at the Bible Posted Dec 31, 2012

Hey, Libs, What about the Employer’s Body? Posted Jan 5, 2013

Bank of America Freezing Gun Manufacturer’s Accounts Posted Jan 9, 2013

When Kids and Guns Mix Posted Jan 11, 2013

The Ignorance of Anti-human David Attenborough Posted Jan 24, 2013

Women in Combat: Battling Nature, Battering Reality Posted February 5, 2013

Killer Dorner's supporters are par for the left's course Posted Feb 12, 2013

Liberal CNN Panelists Defend Murderer Dorner Posted Feb 19, 2013

Unmasking the Grim Reaper’s Foot Soldiers Posted Mar 1, 2013

We Might be Muslim Today if… Posted March 8, 2013

Beppe Grillo, Just the Wacko We Don’t Know Posted Mar 12, 2013

What the Greatest Catholic Thinker Says about the Latest Catholic Pope Posted Mar 15, 2013

Senator Rob Portman's Homosexual Descent Posted Mar 19, 2013

Why the NRA is Right about Hollywood Posted Mar 23, 2013

Treasonous Obama Strikes Again Posted Mar 25, 2013

In Defense of Racial Humor Posted Mar 28, 2013

Bill O’Reilly vs. the Bible Thumpers Posted Mar 31, 2013

American Arrested for Anti-homosexual Statements Posted April 3, 2013

Cultural Affirmative Action and Golf Posted April 30, 2013

Airline Passenger Detained for Being a Jerk Posted May 2, 2013

The Schools' Sinister War on Guns Posted June 8, 2013

Rise in Female Breadwinners Means America is a Loser Posted June 14, 2013

Marco Rubio is Dead to Me Posted June 17, 2013

ESPN’s Random Act of Feminism? Posted June 20, 2013

The Bright Side of Amnesty Posted June 20, 2013

Why Liberals Kill Posted June 26, 2013

Socially Engineering Racial Conflict Posted June 28, 2013

Trayvon, Rachel and White Privilege Posted July 2, 2013

Treasonous Immigrationists and the Death of America Posted July 8, 2013

Holder and Zimmerman: Will Blackness Trump Fairness? Posted July 16, 2013

Obama’s Dangerous Racial Hang-ups Posted July 24, 2013

The Post-racial President’s Profiling: DWW (Defending While White) Posted July 25, 2013

The Babe and the Cynic Posted August 13, 2013

Why Millennials Won’t Turn “Conservative” Posted September 15, 2013

Pope Francis Said What?! Actually, No, He didn’t Posted October 1, 2013

Is Obama Creating a Martial-law-ready Military? Posted October 18, 2013

There are Lies, Damned Lies and Democrats Posted November 1, 2013

Marvel Rolls out Muslim Girl Superheroine Posted November 7, 2013

The Obama Purchase: Liberals Still Can’t Admit They Bought a Clunker Posted November 12, 2013

ObamaCare Lawbreaker in Chief: Barack Obama Posted Nov 20, 2013

Get over it: Jesus and Santa are White Posted December 16, 2013

White-washing Mandela’s Memory Posted Dec 17, 2013

Homosexuals Gets Duck Dy-Nasty Posted Dec 19, 2013

Forget Christie; Let’s Talk about Big Fat Traffic Jams Posted January 13, 2014

Thus Spake the Potheads Posted January 14, 2014

Why Is the Southern Poverty Law Center Trying to Crush a Small Jewish Organization? Posted January 29, 2014

Divided We Stand: A Traditionalist Manifesto Posted February 4, 2014

America Has Lost Her Will to Live Posted February 7, 2014

Immigration and National Survival Posted February 14, 2014

Suing Americans under International Law — in American Courts Posted February 20, 2014

Why Obama is Uneducated Posted February 27, 2014

Razing Arizona: Conservatives Succeed at Failing Again Posted February 28, 2014

Cop: I’d Love to “Bang down Your Door and Come for Your Gun” Posted March 13, 2014

The Plan for Police Nullification Posted March 27, 2014

Top Ten Things Putin Said to Obama about Ukraine Posted March 31, 2014

Saving Civilization Means Killing Equality Posted April 3, 2014

University Wants Fewer Whites — Fears “Mediocrity” Posted April 17, 2014

Vladimir Putin Caesar and Our Great Geo-political Turning Point Posted April 25, 2014

The New York Times Discovers the Rule of Law Posted April 29, 2014

So What if Cliven Bundy is a “Racist” Posted May 1, 2014

The Liberal Media’s Donald Sterling Race-baiting Posted May 2, 2014

Where is the Rehabilitation for “Racists”? Posted May 8, 2014

How Demagogues Con People Posted May 16, 2014

Michelle Obama in 1954 Posted May 21, 2014

Leftists Cancel School Honors Night — Too “Exclusive” Posted May 23, 2014

How Covering up Minority Crime Leads to Gun Control Posted June 6, 2014

Are Most Mass Murderers Really White? Posted June 11, 2014

Why I Hate Soccer Posted June 16, 2014

Benedict Obama’s Invasion of America Posted June 18, 2014

Iraq and the Bloody Price of Lies Posted June 23, 2014

Muslim Kills Teacher in Front of Class Posted July 7, 2014

Libertarian Folly: Why Everybody is a Social-issues Voter Posted August 9, 2014

Immigration: The Ultimate Get-out-the-vote Drive Posted August 11, 2014

If You Want to Get into a Really Big War, Elect a Liberal September 12, 2014

Liberal BBC Asks, “Is Sport Sexist?” While Promoting Inequality September 23, 2014

Equal Work? Government Has No Idea What That is September 30, 2014

The Special Treatment Homosexuals Demand October 27, 2014

Does Barack Obama Have Blood on His Hands? November 3, 2014

It’s Official: The Democrats are the Party of the Devil November 12, 2014

Ultimate Schadenfreude: Democrat is Twice Bitten, Not Shy November 17, 2014

When Liberal Preferences Meet Islamic Principles December 10, 2014

The Bad Christian and the Good Secularist January 4, 2015

The Deadly Paris Terror Attack and the Myth of Religion January 14, 2015

The Northeast Nanny-staters Who are - and the Blizzard that Never Was January 28, 2015

My Problem with Sarah Palin January 30, 2015

The Real White Privilege and My Radio Race War February 5, 2015

Why Not One Governor is Qualified to be President February 19, 2015

How to Win the Christian Baker/Same-Sex “Wedding” Cake Debate February 23, 2015

Bill Nye on Muslim Terrorism: Jews Need to Get to Know Their Neighbors Better March 4, 2015

Obama amnesty plan: legalize foreigners, "take over the host," push "citizens into the shadows" March 8, 2015

Biker Shootout: Libs Going Wacko over Race in Waco May 27, 2015

God and Evil: My Answer for Michael Savage June 2, 2015

Colonization and Cultural Genocide - and They Call it “Immigration” June 17, 2015

Cultural Marxism: Nobel Scientist Sacked for Making Innocent Joke about Women June 18, 2015

They’re Just Committing the Crimes Americans Won’t Commit July 6, 2015

Surrender Like a Boy Scout August 4, 2015

Immigration: The Refugee Scam August 29, 2015

Liberalism Created the WDBJ Killer September 2, 2015

“Gender-neutral” Bathrooms, the Mixed-up Kid and Homosexual Dad September 10, 2015

What Really Drives Obama’s Destructive Mideast Policy? October 9, 2015

Trump and the Chumps: What’s a Serious Candidate, Anyway? by Selwyn Duke

The Evil of Gun-free Zone October 20, 2015

Crock Boy: When the Media Get Owned by a 14-year-old October 23, 2015

GOP Media Takedown: A Recipe for Victory November 2, 2015

Media Nixing Comments Sections: When “Civility” Really Means “Political Correctness” November 9, 2015

The GOP Debate: Missing the Banana Boat on Immigration November 16, 2015

Why Muslim Migrants Always = Terrorism November 19, 2015

Islamic influx: Why a Religious Test for Immigrants is Moral and Wise Nov 20, 2015

Feminist Teacher’s Lesson Plan: Discriminate against Boys November 25, 2015

Put “Refugees” in FEMA Camps November 26, 2015

Turkey: Why Muslim Nations Shouldn’t be Part of NATO December 3, 2015

San Bernardino Shooting: Political Correctness Kills December 5, 2015

“Racial” and “Religious” Profiling Now - or Death Later December 12, 2015

Where Trump is Wrong on Muslim Immigration December 17, 2015

Mizzou Crew: The Liars Who Hate the Lie of Academic Freedom December 21, 2015

Trump, Cruz and New York Values January 23, 2016

The Trump Love Affair Explained in Terms Even Beltway Pundits Can Understand January 25, 2016

Man’s Ego and Michael Bloomberg January 29, 2016

Is Trump the First “European-conservative” American Presidential Candidate? February 1, 2016

How to Avoid Being Raped? Just Say No February 4, 2016

Did Justice Scalia Already Give Us the Solution to the Problem of Filling His Seat? by Selwyn Duke, February 18, 2016

Death of America: Why This Presidential Election isn’t as Important as People Think March 18, 2016

If Bakers Can be Forced to Service Faux Weddings, so Can Churches April 6, 2016

Boxing Barbara Boxer: Is “Inequality the Root of All Evil”? May 2, 2016

I am Barack Obama May 12, 2016

Drafting Women: Do We Believe in Equality or Don’t We? May 23, 2016

Glenn Beck: Fooled by Facebook? May 30, 2016

Why Morality is the Only Thing We Should Legislate May 31, 2016

BBQ Bushwa: When Liberals Drive Other Liberals More Batty than They Already Are July 8, 2016

Whitewashing Muslim Violence and Blacklisting Reality August 5, 2016

Athlete with No Womb or Ovaries but Internal Testes Will Compete with Women in Rio August 8, 2016

Islam and the West’s Death by “Freedom” September 3, 2016

Stain that Would be on Obama’s Conscience - If He Had One September 22, 2016

Liberal Mother Pushes Her Little Son into Masquerading as a Girl September 28, 2016

No, Trump Should Not Accept the Results of a Possibly Stolen Election October 21, 2016

Another Reason Why Trump is Right: No Conceding a Rigged Election October 26, 2016

Time for a Complete Halt on All Immigration December 19, 2016

Let’s Stop with the Carbon Con Already January 6, 2017

The Women’s March and the Real Deplorables January 24, 2017

Trump vs. the “Islamic Conquest of the West” January 30, 2017

How to Drain the Judicial Swamp February 6, 2017

Trigger-warning Tyrants March 30, 2017

Ten Transgender Truths for Legislators and Concerned Citizens June 12, 2017

Was Mohammed a “True Muslim”? June 15, 2017

John McEnroe is Right: Serena Williams Couldn’t Beat Eggs on Men’s Tour July 4, 2017

Muslim “Refugee” Called Integration Success — Then Slit His Boss’s Throat July 6, 2017

Wimbledon Tennis: Feminists Preach Equality While Enjoying Inequality July 7, 2017

Trump Jr.’s Email: Want to Talk About Treason? Okay… July 15, 2017

Democrats Politicize Las Vegas before Blood Even Dry October 7, 2017

Now, We Know My Mother Has Flaws, but…. October 13, 2017

We Can Thank a Flawed Jury System for the Steinle Verdict December 3, 2017

The Decline and Fall of American Nationhood December 20, 2017

The Lib/Con Utah School Porn War Rages On January 13, 2018

Killing Trump is Deep State’s “Plan C,” Warns Advisor Roger Stone January 13, 2018

Leftist Toilet Mouths Condemn Trump as They Corrupt Nation January 15, 2018

Time to Repeal the Disastrous 1965 Immigration Act January 17, 2018

Whatfinger News: What the Drudge Report Was Meant to Be January 18, 2018

Time to Remove Socialist “Huddled Masses” Plaque from Statue of Liberty February 3, 2018

Race and IQ: A High School Science Fair Project Ignites a Storm February 16, 2018

Are Democrat Midterm Ambitions the Real Reason Parkland is Still in News? February 24, 2018

Parkland Kids: The Return of the Grieving Activist March 2, 2018

Why Should Whites be Happy about Becoming a Minority? April 19, 2018

If Liberals Were Animals, it Would be an Improvement May 21, 2018

Dem Gun Confiscator Tacitly Admits Gun Control Wouldn’t Work May 23, 2018

Time to Put the Democratic Party on Suicide Watch? July 4, 2018

Stupid Media and the Claim that Woman are Better Drivers than Men August 31, 2018

Blasey Ford’s Curious Omission October 3, 2018

Is “Statistics Shadowbanning” the Latest Big-Tech Salvo against Conservatives? October 26, 2018

Other Than the Shooter, Who is Responsible for Synagogue Carnage? November 3, 2018

Suffrage to Suffering: Women Empowered Democrats in Midterms November 12, 2018

A Glimpse Into a World Without Men November 15, 2018

American’t: From Midterms to End Times November 20, 2018

Connedservative Cures: For the West to Live, “Equality” Must Die December 9, 2018

Is Michael Savage the Latest Victim of TDS and the Left’s “Pacification Effort”? December 20, 2018

Restoring Civilization: We Can’t MAGA Unless We MAMA December 24, 2018

The Ultimate Irony of the 'Native American Elder' and the MAGA Hat Kids January 26, 2019

Gov. Northam and the Guy Who Said: Kill People in Mixed-race Relationships February 3, 2019

Man Claims NYC Officials are Abetting Neighbor's Theft of His Property April 10, 2019

Taming the Bench: MAGA Means Ending the Precedent of Judicial Precedent May 24, 2019

You’ve Already Lost the Immigration Battle if You Say This… June 7, 2019

Hey, “Trans” Men in Women’s Sports: Good Luck, Fellas’ - Go for the Gold! June 27, 2019

Dead End at Bernie’s: Sanders Will Never be President July 1, 2019

The Left is Following Communism’s Playbook for Revolution July 24, 2019

El Paso: The Real Root Causes of Mass Shootings August 5, 2019

Murder, It’s a Democrat Thing August10, 2019

El Paso and Trump? And What Rhetoric Causes the Shooting of Whites? August 15, 2019

Millennial Becomes Unhinged After Boss Corrects Her Spelling of “Hamster” August 19, 2019

Why AR-15s are the Plastic Straws of the Gun World - And Why Banning “Assault Rifles” Won’t Save Even One Life September 16, 2019

Bill de Blasio’s Great White Lie October 4, 2019

Was Hillary’s Attack on Tulsi Gabbard Part of a Plot to Destroy Trump? October 30, 2019

Katie Hill Affair and its Aftermath are Signs of America’s Decline November 6, 2019

Lieutenant Colonel Vindman as Ukrainian Asset? November 22, 2019

Perils of the Left: The Unrecognized, Profound Danger of Elizabeth Warren December 2, 2019

The Democrats’ One-night Stand with the Founders December 19, 2019

How Democrats Could Undo Trump’s “Lasting Legacy” in the Courts December 24, 2019

On How Evangelicals Can Support Trump, Both Libs AND Conservatives Get it Wrong December 23, 2019

Killing Civilization: The Great Equality Farce January 13, 2020

Dems’ Impeachment Strategy isn’t to Win Over the Senate, but Defeat the Senate January 31, 2020

The Myth of Bernie Sanders’s Honesty February 22, 2020

“Trans” Men vs. Women: Feminists CREATED the Monster Now Devouring Women’s Sports February 26, 2020

Big Tech’s Civilization-busting Bias March 13, 2020

Would a Victorious Joe Biden be Removed for Mental Incapacity? March 13, 2020

Why Accepting Even Two Million Covid-19 Deaths May be Better Than a National Lockdown April 7, 2020 Duke

A Wizard of Oz Virus: The COVID-19 Hoax May 5, 2020

On George Floyd: There is NOTHING to Protest June 3, 2020

“Defund the Police”? The Method to the Left’s Madness June 8, 2020

Devolution to Revolution: An Already Demoralized U.S. is Now Being Destabilized June 13, 2020

Culture Rape: Our Forefathers Condemned as Immoral — by the Worst Lowlifes Among Us June 20, 2020

Gorsuch the Pharisee and Textualist Tomfoolery June 26, 2020

The Coming Collapse of the Republic July 6, 2020

Hillary Clinton, Malevolent Child August 22, 2020


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