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WHAT?! Student Who Had Year-Long Affair with Teacher Awarded $6 MILLION in Settlement by Greg Holt, August 30, 2016

Laura-Whitehurst.pngA California student had an affair with his teacher and she became pregnant, but wait – there is more to the story.

According to Fox News:

Lawyers for the former student had sued, alleging that Redlands Unified School officials knew of his relationship with Laura Whitehurst and failed to warn his family.

Now this former student of Redlands high school will walk away with a cool $6 million dollars as a settlement. Wow, really?

Maybe the school district was complicit in this, and the teacher was definitely way out of line for having a sexual relationship with her student. Still – $6 million for this injustice? It is this writer’s opinion that this settlement is way out of bounds. If it was rape of a student what would that be worth, $12 million, $15 million? Remember the woman who spilled her coffee on herself and was initially awarded $2.86 million for it? Many thought that was a frivolous lawsuit…

This particular case involves a settlement with a school district. Who ultimately pays for this? The taxpayers of California. So this former student receives a free ride courtesy of the Redlands Unified School District – AKA taxpayers; that isn’t right.

Frivolous lawsuits cost this country’s consumers millions of dollars every year. Years ago in this country there was a much greater sense of fair play, more personal integrity. If a person say, fell on the ice in front of a store breaking an arm and had no health insurance, maybe the store would pay the medical bill to set the arm. Suing the store for whatever one could get out of them would not have been an option for most.

Hmmmmm – maybe I could sue the Democratic Party, because I find Hillary Clinton’s behavior and character to be immoral and insufferable…

Originally published on Eagle Rising

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