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WHOA!! Paging the Nearest Jail Cell: Peter Strzok Handwritten Notes Released, and Oh Boy Are They DAMNING! By Greg Holt, June 26, 2020


Peter-Strzok-sm.jpgPeter Strzok's handwritten notes directly implicate Obama and Biden in the framing of General Michael Flynn.


You won't see this on the MSM nightly news or anywhere else for that matter.  Or you will see it, but with plenty of spin and self-righteous denial and cheap shots against Flynn and Trump.  I personally can't wait to see Leftist heads implode over this – things are going to get dicey real fast


This makes Watergate look like an ill-conceived children's prank.


Former FBI agent Peter Strzok's handwritten notes have been declassified by the FBI (with redactions) and these notes specifically detail a meeting between Obama, Biden, Comey, Yates, and Susan Rice.


This is a HUGE deal as these notes reveal that Obama and Biden had a direct hand in framing General Michael Flynn.


[Insert Strzok notes here-]


—Obama, Biden, Yates, Rice, Comey all discussed Flynn/Kislyak calls: "unusual times"


—Comey admitted they "appear legit"


—OBAMA ordered: "make sure you look at things" with "the right people"


BIDEN appears to be one to raise  "Logan Act v[iolation]?"



Back in May of this year I wrote about how the, Declassified Susan Rice Email Proves Joe Biden not Only Knew – But Aided in Plotting Against Flynn; these newest revelations from treacherous lying Strzok not only confirm this, but confirm Obama and Comey's involvement as well.  You will recall that it was Biden who claimed to have no knowledge of the Flynn investigation.


So now we not only have FBI agents saying that Flynn never lied, we have direct evidence that Flynn was set up with intent and purpose.  So what was that purpose?  To get rid of Flynn who with his deep intelligence background "knew" too much, and to damage the Trump administration, hopefully beyond Trump's ability to repair.


Margot Cleveland of The Federalist writes:


The mention of Flynn "and his conversation with Kislyak about sanctions," was in reference to intercepted telephone calls between Flynn and the Russian ambassador in late December and early January. However, as the now-declassified transcripts of those calls establish, Flynn did not discuss sanctions with Kislyak, but had instead discussed the Obama administration's decision to expel Russian diplomats from the United States.


The distinction between sanctions and the expulsion of Russian diplomats proves significant to the criminal charge later wrongly levied against Flynn by the special counsel's office. But it is Obama's knowledge of the calls — and the details of Flynn's conversations with Kislyak — and not Obama's misrepresentation of the content of those discussions that is important to understanding the then-president's possible involvement in the soft coup attempt.




No matter how Obama learned the details of the calls, he clearly knew them by the time he spoke with Yates and Comey on Jan. 5. And he clearly knew from those conversations that Flynn was no Russian agent.


Yet Obama directed Rice, through White House counsel, to draft the Jan. 20 email, which cast Comey's Jan. 5 Obama briefing as suggesting Flynn was potentially a Russian agent.


The director of the FBI thinks the Flynn calls are "legit," Obama says the "right" people need to be on this, and Biden being the dope he is suggests a "Logan" violation (the Logan Act has never been used!).


Anyone who possess two brain cells to rub together should by now understand that Flynn was set up, period.  This was nothing more than underhanded dirty political sabotage by the outgoing Leftist political hacks headed up by the worst president in U.S. history – Barack Obama.


On the flip side of the coin, the U.S. Appeals Court sided with the Department of Justice decision to drop case against Michael Flynn and ordered Judge (I use that term loosely) Sullivan to dismiss the case.


People need to wake up and realize the depth of what the Left is willing to do to eradicate freedom in this country, and nothing, and I mean nothing is sacred to these people.  This is merely just one small example of that.


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If the current trends in the media, social media, and public actions (read George Floyd riots etc.) are allowed to continue, one day we are going to wake up to realize that the America we knew is long gone, and it's not ever coming back.



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Let's all continue to fight political correctness, indoctrination, Leftist propaganda, liberalism, and keep sharing the truth – knowledge is power.  Until next time...


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