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Was the Coronavirus Created to Destroy the U.S. Economy & Create a New Nation State? Welcome to the USSA By Greg Holt, April 24, 2020

USSA-sm.jpgWhat is the single biggest event ever created to damage (destroy) the economy?  Answer – the Coronavirus.


Let it be noted that this writer is not at all against common sense precautions concerning the Coronavirus.  Cover your cough; if you are feeling rather ill, stay home.  If you aren’t feeling well and have to go out, limit how much you do so and by all means wear a mask.  In other words, the very same things one would do if one has the flu.


Now, here is the REAL problem – the Coronavirus is a created bioweapon with a specific purpose: the destruction of the U.S. economy, and possibly the world economy.  U.S. intelligence is looking into the idea that the Coronavirus may be used as a weapon, how about that…


Does this seem a little too “conspiracy theorist” for you?  Well, then consider the following:


·         The flu infects millions more people than the Coronavirus, and this happens EVERY year – yet the U.S. has never been “locked down” because of the flu.

·         MERS and SARS did not spread easily, the so-called Swine flu however spread like wildfire, yet there was no lockdown for this either.

·         The Coronavirus is far more deadly than the flu, BUT – overall, more people die from the flu than the Coronavirus.


So what gives with locking down the whole country over this?  Is this not a huge overreaction/overreach on the part of government(s)?


YES it is.  And the MSM and Tech Giants (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.) are helping to fuel all of this – and helping to create hysteria among the population.


I did a search concerning Coronavirus protests on Google, and on yahoo.  Google’s results all support the Leftist point of view, namely we all need to remain in lockdown for months if not a year or more according to some.  Yahoo’s results at least show both sides of the story, it’s ok to start reopening the country, and no we should not reopen the country.


The Democrats per Nancy Pelosi held up funding for small businesses impacted by the Coronavirus because the Dems wanted to include funding for all kinds of pet projects (pork) such as 25 million dollars for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  I hate to say it, but who cares about the Kennedy Center???  Businesses are going out of business permanently, people are losing their jobs, people’s savings are gone, formerly affluent and “middle class” folks are in the bread line – all while Pelosi and the Democrats play games to fund pet projects, and demand funding that satisfies their brand of politics – namely identity politics.


Right from the horses mouth:


“And yet, Pelosi and her minions continue to use hardworking Americans as pawns in their efforts to redirect national priorities.  As Rep James Clyburn, D-S.C., stated in the first Paycheck Protection Program round, Democrats see this as ‘a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.’”


EXACTLY.  Instead of working to mitigate the devastating affects of the Coronavirus – Pelosi and the Democrats are looking to use YOU America as a bargaining chip.


I’m here to tell you in plain English – Pelosi and the Democrats don’t give a damn about you or anyone else – not even their own people, hence the #WalkAway movement.


The entire U.S. economy is failing, many restaurants that closed, are never going to open again.  Businesses are or have closed down and staff has been let go.  According to The Hill, one in four small businesses are less than two months from closing down – permanently.


I detailed all of this a month ago already – when I noted that the economy has been trashed, stock market gains wiped out, and many jobs are gone.  The retail apocalypse has drastically accelerated, killing off many businesses with a whole lot more to come, all due to the Coronavirus.


Lockdown/stay at home measures have reached unprecedented levels of ridiculousness.  The draconian measures being enacted are nothing short of the beginnings of a police state.  People are facing arrest for going outside, you know, normal activities.  Drones are being used to enforce “social distancing” and curfews.


According to The Gateway Pundit:

“Earlier this week a young mother was arrested by police in Idaho for playing with her children in a park because she was violating the governor’s authoritarian Coronavirus lockdown order.”


This is ridiculous.


China is leveraging this disaster to gain power on the world stage, which they “just so happen” to be uniquely positioned to take advantage of.


Noted and well-respected financial and geopolitical analyst, Lyle Martin Armstrong contends that the Coronavirus is a deliberate attempt to destabilize and destroy the entire world economy.  So then, what is the point of all of this?


The point is to further the socialist/One World government agenda, while wiping out the opposition – like We the People.  When the U.S. economy is in ruins and all who oppose socialism are “managed,” then the elites can rebuild.


Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Welcome to the USSA.  The United Socialist States of America

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