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Bloomberg’s Big Brother Ops – “Not your mom and pop’s police department” by Rev Michael Bresciani, August 13, 2012

Not-your-mom-and-pops-police-dept.jpgWe hardly need to worry that the eschatologists, preachers and prophets are predicting that we are barreling toward a nanny state, nay, a nanny world, where every move we make from dawn to dusk will be monitored by someone. Not to worry, NYPD and Microsoft have taken a giant leap forward in time all the way back to 1984 – George Orwell’s 1984.

This week New York’s nanny Mayor Bloomberg said of New York’s finest, “This isn’t your mom and pop’s police department.” He was touting Microsoft’s installation of a camera system to watch and monitor every street, alley, nook and cranny of the city that never sleeps. The only thing missing is two-way Dick Tracy style watches so officers can tap directly into Microsoft’s giant eye in the sky while still on the fly.

The idea is to catch criminals and perhaps produce some actual crime prevention as well. The system can also double as a sleuth to ensure that women are not using feeding formulas, no one is gulping anything larger than a 16oz soft drink and God forbid, no one is seen sprinkling salt on their french-fries.

He was right as far as it not being your mom and pop’s police department. In fact, it is now much closer to George Orwell’s police department. It is only inches away from the literal fulfillment of one of Cole Porter’s all-time favorites, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” In the most literal sense, that is when starting at birth, an RFID chip would be inserted under the skin of every little tot, for their own protection of course.

It would be only a hop, skip and a jump to implanting the proven child saving chips in adults to help monitor a person’s health or their personal finances all in the name of safety, speed and convenience. It would also bring us closer to the day when we could monitor people’s thoughts and then we could effectively rout out those who have become outcasts because they have not bought the evolutionary model and so foolishly still believe in intelligent design.

Next we could deal with the philosophically impaired individuals who refuse to use politically correct catchphrases like, fetus, planned parenthood and ‘law of the land,’ but continue to see 54 million abortions as murder and genocide.

We may finally be able to root out those who think spending billions to land a buggy on Mars is a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money, as against finding a way to stop the slaughter of our own offspring and spending the money to feed them instead. The very nerve of those who think our own children are more important than space rocks.

The line between what is facetious and what is factual is no longer obscured. Nanny cities, states and nations are becoming proof that we are collectively succumbing to the pathology known as the “Stockholm Syndrome.” Terrorists, criminals and OCW’s have us on the run and freedoms we once held dear seem like a fair trade for a little safety.

Security rules, from the rush to buy gold, to stockpiling goods in a mountain lair, (preppers) to those who are leaving the country altogether, fear has birthed an industry (personal security) second only to crime.

Convicted jailbirds may be among the poorest people in the nation, with the exception of one criminal who just got a million dollar liver transplant at taxpayers’ expense in the giant little state of Rhode Island. But with dozens of TV shows, movies and games based on criminal activity being sponsored by top manufacturers who are virtually waiting in line to get on the gravy train; the adage that ‘Crime doesn’t pay’ is almost comical.  In America it’s, ‘You do the crime and we’ll cash in on it, one commercial at a time.

In the most educated generation in history the progeny of a generation long push toward personal intelligence has betrayed us. They have become debaters, debunkers and scoffers who scramble to find the reason crime, weird behaviors and callousness toward human life and dignity itself is becoming so common.

We say that many serial killers are very ‘intelligent’ and we never mention whether our departed loved ones had character or love. Eulogies are now laced with proclamations of how intelligent our departed loved ones were. Criminals and just about everyone else seem to have at least one thing in common – intelligence. It is a commonality that produces a creepy consolation at best.

We have taught sex education to kindergartners, evolutionary theory to grammar school children and higher philosophies to the rest. With no accountability to God, the betterment of man or any system of ethics that presupposes that each of us is responsible for our own actions, we are now entering an age of darkness, anarchy and social confusion, but thank God we are all safe because of the eye in the sky.

Is it now safe to conclude that today’s era of horrific social tragedies, endless abortions and crackpot behaviors is the fruit of our own making? But don’t worry; we are now at least able to monitor the entire mess with cameras and monitoring devices courtesy of Microsoft.

When we see these kinds of twists and turns in our nation some people are still heard to say that it makes their blood or their heart turn cold. They see the worst man can produce and in turn it produces a chill. It becomes the literal fulfillment of Christ’s declaration about the last days.

Jesus said, “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” (Mt 24: 12)

The Apostle Paul, also describing man’s condition in the last days said men would lose something we call “natural affection” (Ro 1: 31)

Men scrambling around trying to justify every new freedom that seems implicit to our new penchant for intellectuality have helped to implement the blast of freezing air that now makes us less than human, but alas will the un-accountable ever take account?

Sadly the prophetic message says they will not. The best they will do is record it on video’s and later peruse through it all in the name of our new grown up and scientifically advanced law enforcement service.

Yes, mom and pop’s police departments are gone, but please don’t insult us by bragging about it.

NOTE This article is about America's push toward big brother tech which threatens our privacy and treats us all like children that must be monitored in our cribs and bedrooms. It is not meant to reflect negatively against the NYPD which is without doubt one of the best police departments in the world.

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