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Science and health articles by Rev Michael Bresciani - American Prophet.org 

Intelligent Design - Why are the Intelligent So Afraid of It? Aug 2005

Is Depression Always a Medical Problem – Another View May 2006

Time and Space – Which Runs Out First Mar 2007


Protests at Creation Museum – The New Politics of Science May 2007


When the god of Empiricism Fails - Science Blocks Its Ears Aug 2007

British Accent - The only Difference between Madalyn O'Hair and Richard Dawkins Feb 2, 2008


Happy Fathers Day to Time, Chance and Random Gases June 2009

Obamacare - What would the Great Physician say? Aug 2009


Senate Passes Healthcare - Victory with no Honor Dec 25, 2009


Lucrezia Borgia, NASA - One giant leap from a lake to a lapse Dec 10, 2010

Premiere of Discovery’s ‘Curiosity’ – Shameless Secularism not Science August 9, 2011

Religion Bad, Science Good – An Argument for Fools Aug 14, 2011

Is the Philosophy of Modern Science - Unscientific? Nov 27, 2011

Bloomberg’s Big Brother Ops – “Not your mom and pop’s police department” August 13, 2012

Dawkins Dabbles in Politics – PC and Scientific Intransigence on Display September 13, 2012

Sen. Rubio’s Earth – It isn’t about Science it’s about Silence November 27, 2012


Do Scientists Go to Heaven – What Will They Do There? August 30, 2013

Has Science Decided How You Will Live – Is it Your Salvation? December 3, 2013

The Bible Says: Not Global Warming, but Universal Cold that brings the Planet to its Knees May 4, 2015

Has Modern Science Fallen to PC Quackery – Is Nothing Safe? July 12, 2016

Misuse of Science and Social Pressure Pushing America into “Strong Delusion” February 8, 2017

Faux Science – The Power to Make Men Stop Thinking June 7, 2017

Pseudo Intellectualism – Shifting the Blame to Cover the Shame February 5, 2018

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