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Pop-culture and trends articles by Rev Michael Bresciani - American

Yo, is Rap Just another Four Letter Word? Oct 2005


Youth Heroes – A Double Standard Oct 2005

Atheists Agnostics and Evolutionists - The Worst Gamblers in the World Mar 3, 2006

America Calls for the Head of John the Baptist Dec 2006


Poll says American Youth Waning on Christianity - Secularism Edges Forward Jan 29, 2007

The Three Most Sacred Words in America - Not I Love You Feb 3, 2007

Blaring Double Standards in the Cultural Diversity Movement Mar 2007


Victims of Political Correctness Mar 2007

European Anti American Rage - Why Now June 29, 2007

Do Pop Culture and Trends influence an Election? Feb 2008

The Visual Generation - The Death of Discernment July 2008

America: The Old Cowboy that Rides Off into the Sunset Nov 2008

The Culture of Death - A phrase, a phase or the End of Days? Aug 2009


The PC Wars of 2010 and Beyond - Spiritual wickedness in high places Mar 16, 2010


You Can't Make History without a Real Homie, or a Woman July 31, 2010


Whatever Happened to Domestic Tranquility? Feb 26, 2011


America’s Version of the Ouroboros – Deliver Us from Stupidity June 10, 2011


N.Y. State Assaults Marriage – Will Disgrace overtake us? June 27, 2011

President Wilson Could Never Imagine: Democracy Made Safe for Perversion July 21, 2011

Born Gay? – Another Whopper from the Father of Lies July 25, 2011

Tolerance and Diversity: America’s Experiment with Dishonesty Aug 2, 2011

Hey Kids - Let’s Meet on Wall St. for Weeks Long Whining Fest Oct 8, 2011

America Unplugged – The New Lord’s Prayer April 18, 2012

Obama fooling on Fallon while failing America April 26, 2012

Culture War - Or Spiritual Wickedness in High Places? August 31, 2012

American Youth Caught by the Tail? May 2, 2013

Obama: Abortion Foes Want the 50s - Conservatives: Give us a 50s President Too May 4, 2013

The Great Unwashed Generation June 8, 2013

Political Correctness - The Sword of Hypocrites July 24, 2013

Want to be politically correct, how about – ‘The Washington Snakeskins?’ October 26, 2013

Millennials - Standing Off but Not Standing Up May 5, 2014

Big Gay Re-Education Camps? – Are We Becoming Judges of Evil Thoughts May 14, 2014

Statistics, the Fast Track to Hell? – Are You Following the Crowd? May 21, 2014

Is It Really Hate Speech – Or Just Speech That You Hate November 6, 2014

We think it’s a Trend – In reality it is called Reprobation March 12, 2015

Pop Culture or Prophecy? – There is no Contest March 19, 2015

Why “Love” Does Not Justify “Gay Marriage” April 23, 2015

Why are Intellectual Giants so often Spiritual Pygmies – The Enemy that’s Closer than a Brother? May 19, 2015

Putin Warns Isis – Obama Warns School District about Girls Shower Room November 4, 2015

New York’s “Pronoun” Law Defies Science and Ignores Logic January 11, 2016

Ariana Grande and Salman Abedi – Both Deeply Deceived May 25, 2017

Is California Spearheading the Fall into Darkness and Perversion? April 29, 2018

God Has No Opinion and His Children are not Bigots June 25, 2018

Is Generation ‘Z’ the Liberal, Loose, and Last Omega Generation? August 17, 2018

PC and Pop Morality Setting the Stage for Reprobates to Persecute the Faithful December 19, 2018

PC Pabulum Report: Diversity, inclusion, lack of phobias and the law itself cannot make us like each other May 3, 2019

LGBT Ignores, Denies and Attacks Biblical Truth While Claiming They are Being Assaulted May 15, 2019

How Do Millions of Moments of Pride Turn into Endless Years of Shame or When did the Republic become a Homocracy? June 19, 2019

Woke Scolding, PC and Socialism – America’s Deadly Slide into Globalist Nonsense? October 25, 2019

“What Candidates Can Christians Support” – The Wrong Question for Pete Buttigieg February 19, 2020


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